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Authors: Mears, AJ Kondo, M Swain, PK Takada, Y Bush, RA Saunders, TL Sieving, PA Swaroop, A
Citation: Aj. Mears et al., Nrl is required for rod photoreceptor development, NAT GENET, 29(4), 2001, pp. 447-452

Authors: Domino, SE Zhang, L Gillespie, PJ Saunders, TL Lowe, JB
Citation: Se. Domino et al., Deficiency of reproductive tract alpha(1,2)fucosylated glycans and normal fertility in mice with targeted deletions of the FUT1 or FUT2 alpha(1,2)fucosyltransferase locus, MOL CELL B, 21(24), 2001, pp. 8336-8345

Authors: Wharram, BL Goyal, M Gillespie, PJ Wiggins, JE Kershaw, DB Holzman, LB Dysko, RC Saunders, TL Samuelson, LC Wiggins, RC
Citation: Bl. Wharram et al., Altered podocyte structure in GLEPP1 (Ptpro)-deficient mice associated with hypertension and low glomerular filtration rate, J CLIN INV, 106(10), 2000, pp. 1281-1290

Authors: Turkay, A Saunders, TL Kurachi, K
Citation: A. Turkay et al., Intrauterine gene transfer: gestational stage-specific gene delivery in mice, GENE THER, 6(10), 1999, pp. 1685-1694

Authors: Lacourse, KA Swanberg, LJ Gillespie, PJ Rehfeld, JF Saunders, TL Samuelson, LC
Citation: Ka. Lacourse et al., Pancreatic function in CCK-deficient mice: adaptation to dietary protein does not require CCK, AM J P-GAST, 39(5), 1999, pp. G1302-G1309

Authors: Turkay, A Saunders, TL Kurachi, K
Citation: A. Turkay et al., Histochemical analysis of cleared mouse embryos expressing beta-galactosidase, J HISTOTECH, 22(4), 1999, pp. 323-324
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