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Authors: Shon, ZH Davis, D Chen, G Grodzinsky, G Bandy, A Thornton, D Sandholm, S Bradshaw, J Stickel, R Chameides, W Kok, G Russell, L Mauldin, L Tanner, D Eisele, F
Citation: Zh. Shon et al., Evaluation of the DMS flux and its conversion to SO2 over the southern ocean, ATMOS ENVIR, 35(1), 2001, pp. 159-172

Authors: Chen, G Davis, D Crawford, J Heikes, B O'Sullivan, D Lee, M Eisele, F Mauldin, L Tanner, D Collins, J Barrick, J Anderson, B Blake, D Bradshaw, J Sandholm, S Carroll, M Albercook, G Clarke, A
Citation: G. Chen et al., An assessment of HOx chemistry in the tropical Pacific boundary layer: Comparison of model simulations with observations recorded during PEM tropics A, J ATMOS CH, 38(3), 2001, pp. 317-344

Authors: Davis, DD Grodzinsky, G Kasibhatla, P Crawford, J Chen, G Liu, S Bandy, A Thornton, D Guan, H Sandholm, S
Citation: Dd. Davis et al., Impact of ship emissions on marine boundary layer NOx and SO2 distributions over the Pacific basin, GEOPHYS R L, 28(2), 2001, pp. 235-238

Authors: Bradshaw, J Davis, D Grodzinsky, G Smyth, S Newell, R Sandholm, S Liu, S
Citation: J. Bradshaw et al., Observed distributions of nitrogen oxides in the remote free troposphere from the NASA global tropospheric experiment programs, REV GEOPHYS, 38(1), 2000, pp. 61-116

Authors: Singh, HB Viezee, W Chen, Y Bradshaw, J Sandholm, S Blake, D Blake, N Heikes, B Snow, J Talbot, R Browell, E Gregory, G Sachse, G Vay, S
Citation: Hb. Singh et al., Biomass burning influences on the composition of the remote South Pacific troposphere: analysis based on observations from PEM-Tropics-A, ATMOS ENVIR, 34(4), 2000, pp. 635-644

Authors: Stoller, P Cho, JYN Newell, RE Thouret, V Zhu, Y Carroll, MA Albercook, GM Anderson, BE Barrick, JDW Browell, EV Gregory, GL Sachse, GW Vay, S Bradshaw, JD Sandholm, S
Citation: P. Stoller et al., Measurements of atmospheric layers from the NASA DC-8 and P-3B aircraft during PEM-Tropics A, J GEO RES-A, 104(D5), 1999, pp. 5745-5764

Authors: Smyth, S Sandholm, S Shumaker, B Mitch, W Kanvinde, A Bradshaw, J Liu, S McKeen, S Gregory, G Anderson, B Talbot, R Blake, D Rowland, S Browell, E Fenn, M Merrill, J Bachmeier, S Sachse, G Collins, J
Citation: S. Smyth et al., Characterization of the chemical signatures of air masses observed during the PEM experiments over the western Pacific, J GEO RES-A, 104(D13), 1999, pp. 16243-16254

Authors: Crawford, J Davis, D Olson, J Chen, G Liu, S Gregory, G Barrick, J Sachse, G Sandholm, S Heikes, B Singh, H Blake, D
Citation: J. Crawford et al., Assessment of upper tropospheric HOx sources over the tropical Pacific based on NASA GTE/PEM data: Net effect on HOx and other photochemical parameters, J GEO RES-A, 104(D13), 1999, pp. 16255-16273

Authors: Bradshaw, J Davis, D Crawford, J Chen, G Shetter, R Muller, M Gregory, G Sachse, G Blake, D Heikes, B Singh, H Mastromarino, J Sandholm, S
Citation: J. Bradshaw et al., Photofragmentation two-photon laser-induced fluorescence detection of NO2 and NO: Comparison of measurements with model results based on airborne observations during PEM-Tropics A, GEOPHYS R L, 26(4), 1999, pp. 471-474
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