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Authors: Sanchez, G Llados, J Tombre, K
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., A mean string algorithm to compute a set of 2D shapes the average among, PATT REC L, 23(1-3), 2002, pp. 203-213

Authors: Vega, E Mugica, V Reyes, E Sanchez, G Chow, JC Watson, JG
Citation: E. Vega et al., Chemical composition of fugitive dust emitters in Mexico City, ATMOS ENVIR, 35(23), 2001, pp. 4033-4039

Authors: Mugica, V Vega, E Chow, J Reyes, E Sanchez, G Arriaga, J Egami, R Watson, J
Citation: V. Mugica et al., Speciated non-methane organic compounds emissions from food cooking in Mexico, ATMOS ENVIR, 35(10), 2001, pp. 1729-1734

Authors: Galleguillos, M Valenzuela, MA Riquelme, R Sanhueza, E Sanchez, G Figueroa, JP Llanos, AJ
Citation: M. Galleguillos et al., Nitric oxide synthase activity in brain tissues from llama fetuses submitted to hypoxemia, COMP BIOC A, 129(2-3), 2001, pp. 605-614

Authors: Sanz, ML Sanchez, G Gamboa, PM Vila, L Uasuf, C Chazot, M Dieguez, I De Weck, AL
Citation: Ml. Sanz et al., Allergen-induced basophil activation: CD63 cell expression detected by flow cytometry in patients allergic to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Lolium perenne, CLIN EXP AL, 31(7), 2001, pp. 1007-1013

Authors: Sanchez, G Momblona, F Perez, J Lopez, G Serrano, JL Liu, M Sanz, F
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., Palladium(II) iminophosphine complexes, TRANSIT MET, 26(1-2), 2001, pp. 100-104

Authors: Porcella, MI Sanchez, G Vaudagna, SR Zanelli, ML Descalzo, AM Meichtri, LH Gallinger, MM Lasta, JA
Citation: Mi. Porcella et al., Soy protein isolate added to vacuum-packaged chorizos: effect on drip loss, quality characteristics and stability during refrigerated storage, MEAT SCI, 57(4), 2001, pp. 437-443

Authors: Macho, P Solis, E Sanchez, G Schwarze, H Domenech, R
Citation: P. Macho et al., Mitochondrial ATP dependent potassium channels mediate non-ischemic preconditioning by tachycardia in dogs, MOL C BIOCH, 216(1-2), 2001, pp. 129-136

Authors: Sanchez, G Serrano, JL Momblona, F Ruiz, F Garcia, J Perez, J Lopez, G Chaloner, PA Hitchcock, P
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., New mono- and bis(pentafluorophenyl)palladium(II) complexes with iminophosphine ligands. Crystal structure of [Pd(C6F5)(SC6H5)(o-Ph2PC6H4-CH=(NPr)-Pr-i)], POLYHEDRON, 20(6), 2001, pp. 571-578

Authors: Bosch, A Sanchez, G Le Guyader, F Vanaclocha, H Haugarreau, L Pinto, RM
Citation: A. Bosch et al., Human enteric viruses in Coquina clams associated with a large hepatitis Aoutbreak, WATER SCI T, 43(12), 2001, pp. 61-65

Authors: Mugica, V Vega, E Sanchez, G Reyes, E Arriaga, JL Chow, J Watson, J Egami, R
Citation: V. Mugica et al., Volatile organic compounds emissions from gasoline and diesel powered vehicle, ATMOSFERA, 14(1), 2001, pp. 29-37

Authors: Verger, L Boitel, M Gentet, MC Hamelin, R Mestais, C Mongellaz, F Rustique, J Sanchez, G
Citation: L. Verger et al., Characterization of CdTe and CdZnTe detectors for gamma-ray imaging applications, NUCL INST A, 458(1-2), 2001, pp. 297-309

Authors: Sanchez, G Aviles, W
Citation: G. Sanchez et W. Aviles, Colombia: The forgotten war - Introduction, LAT AM PERS, 28(1), 2001, pp. 5-11

Authors: Briceno, C Vivas, AK Calvet, N Hartmann, L Pacheco, R Herrera, D Romero, L Berlind, P Sanchez, G Snyder, JA Andrews, P
Citation: C. Briceno et al., The CIDA-QUEST large-scale survey of Orion OB1: Evidence for rapid disk dissipation in a dispersed stellar population, SCIENCE, 291(5501), 2001, pp. 93-96

Authors: Ortiz-Prosper, AL Bowden-Kerby, A Ruiz, H Tirado, O Caban, A Sanchez, G Crespo, JC
Citation: Al. Ortiz-prosper et al., Planting small massive corals on small artificial concrete reefs or dead coral heads, B MARIN SCI, 69(2), 2001, pp. 1047-1051

Authors: Vivas, AK Zinn, R Andrews, P Bailyn, C Baltay, C Coppi, P Ellman, N Girard, T Rabinowitz, D Schaefer, B Shin, J Snyder, J Sofia, S van Altena, W Abad, C Bongiovanni, A Briceno, C Bruzual, G Della Prugna, F Herrera, D Magris, G Mateu, J Pacheco, R Sanchez, G Sanchez, G Schenner, H Stock, J Vicente, E Vieira, K Ferrin, I Hernandez, J Gebhard, M Honeycutt, R Mufson, S Musser, J Rengstorf, A
Citation: Ak. Vivas et al., The quest RR Lyrae survey: Confirmation of the clump at 50 kiloparsecs andother overdensities in the outer halo, ASTROPHYS J, 554(1), 2001, pp. L33-L36

Authors: Ferrin, I Rabinowitz, D Schaefer, B Snyder, J Ellman, N Vicente, B Rengstorf, A Depoy, D Salim, S Andrews, P Bailyn, C Baltay, C Briceno, C Coppi, P Deng, M Emmet, W Oemler, A Sabbey, C Shin, J Sofia, S van Altena, W Vivas, K Abad, C Bongiovanni, A Bruzual, G Della Prugna, F Herrera, D Magris, G Mateu, J Pacheco, R Sanchez, G Sanchez, G Schenner, H Stock, J Vieira, K Fuenmayor, F Hernandez, J Naranjo, O Rosenzweig, P Secco, C Spavieri, G Gebhard, M Honeycutt, K Mufson, S Musser, J Pravdo, S Helin, E Lawrence, K
Citation: I. Ferrin et al., Discovery of the bright trans-Neptunian object 2000 EB173, ASTROPHYS J, 548(2), 2001, pp. L243-L247

Authors: Gonzalez, EG Sanchez, G Cioccia, AM Hevia, P
Citation: Eg. Gonzalez et al., Fat absorption from three different dietary sources in rats with lactose induced diarrhea., ARCH LAT NU, 51(3), 2001, pp. 244-249

Authors: Balbaud, F Sanchez, G Santarini, G Picard, G
Citation: F. Balbaud et al., Cathodic reactions involved in corrosion processes occurring in concentrated nitric acid at 100 degrees C, EUR J INORG, (4), 2000, pp. 665-674

Authors: Sanchez, G Ruiz, F Serrano, JL de Arellano, MCR Lopez, G
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., Organometallic nickel(II) complexes containing thiolate and dithiocarbamate ligands, EUR J INORG, (10), 2000, pp. 2185-2191

Authors: Sanchez, G Vila, L Pajaron, M Dieguez, I
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., Skin manifestations of a case of phenylbutazone-induced serum sickness-like reactions, J INVES ALL, 10(3), 2000, pp. 170-172

Authors: Sanchez, G Ano, M Garcia-Aviles, C Dieguez, I
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., Schnitzler syndrome: A case study, J INVES ALL, 10(1), 2000, pp. 41-43

Authors: Nunez, GA Sanchez, G Gutierrez, X Silva, F Dalas, C Rivas, H
Citation: Ga. Nunez et al., Rheological behavior of concentrated bitumen in water emulsions, LANGMUIR, 16(16), 2000, pp. 6497-6502

Authors: Sanchez, G Calienes, R Zuta, S
Citation: G. Sanchez et al., The 1997-98 El Nino and its effects on the coastal marine ecosystem off Peru, CAL C O F I, 41, 2000, pp. 62-86

Authors: Grigioni, GM Margaria, CA Pensel, NA Sanchez, G Vaudagna, SR
Citation: Gm. Grigioni et al., Warmed-over flavour analysis in low temperature-long time processed meat by an "electronic nose", MEAT SCI, 56(3), 2000, pp. 221-228
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