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Authors: Thummerer, S von Oertzen, W Gebauer, B Lenzi, SM Gadea, A Napoli, DR Beck, C Rousseau, M
Citation: S. Thummerer et al., The population of deformed bands in Cr-48 by emission of Be-8 from the S-32+Mg-24 reaction, J PHYS G-NU, 27(7), 2001, pp. 1405-1420

Authors: Barna, R De Pasquale, D Italiano, A Trifiro, A Trimarchi, M Strazzeri, A Rauch, V Disdier, D Bhattacharya, C Beck, C Bellot, T Freeman, RM Nouicer, R Rousseau, M Stezowski, O
Citation: R. Barna et al., Semiclassical approach to sequential alpha emission in (96 MeV) O-16+Ni-58and (133 MeV) O-16+Ti-48 deep inelastic collisions - art. no. 054601, PHYS REV C, 6405(5), 2001, pp. 4601

Authors: Beck, C Nouicer, R Disdier, D Duchene, G de France, G Freeman, RM Haas, F Hachem, A Mahboub, D Rauch, V Rousseau, M Sanders, SJ de Toledo, AS
Citation: C. Beck et al., Molecular resonance and highly deformed fission fragments in Si-28+Si-28 -art. no. 014607, PHYS REV C, 6301(1), 2001, pp. 4607

Authors: Bhattacharya, C Rousseau, M Beck, C Rauch, V Freeman, RM Nouicer, R Haas, F Dorvaux, O Eddahbi, K Papka, P Stezowski, O Szilner, S Mahboub, D De Toledo, AS Hachem, A Martin, E Sanders, SJ
Citation: C. Bhattacharya et al., Deformation effects in the Si-28+C-12 and Si-28+Si-28 reactions, PRAMANA-J P, 57(1), 2001, pp. 203-207

Authors: Vafiadis, P Ounissi-Benkalha, H Palumbo, M Grabs, R Rousseau, M Goodyer, CG Polychronakos, C
Citation: P. Vafiadis et al., Class III alleles of the variable number of tandem repeat insulin polymorphism associated with silencing of thymic insulin predispose to type 1 diabetes, J CLIN END, 86(8), 2001, pp. 3705-3710

Authors: Boudrissa, M Delos, E Gaquiere, C Rousseau, M Cordier, Y Theron, D De Jaeger, JC
Citation: M. Boudrissa et al., Enhancement-mode Al0.66In0.34As/Ga0.67In0.33As metamorphic HEMT: Modeling and measurements, IEEE DEVICE, 48(6), 2001, pp. 1037-1044

Authors: Maciel, P Costa, MDC Ferro, A Rousseau, M Santos, CS Gaspar, C Barros, J Rouleau, GA Coutinho, P Sequeiros, J
Citation: P. Maciel et al., Improvement in the molecular diagnosis of Machado-Joseph disease, ARCH NEUROL, 58(11), 2001, pp. 1821-1827

Authors: Rousseau, M Coulouvrat, F
Citation: M. Rousseau et F. Coulouvrat, Scattering of a high frequency acoustic wave by a sinusoidal swell: Asymptotic formulation, numerical simulation and fluid motion influence, ACUSTICA, 86(5), 2000, pp. 821-829

Authors: McNabb, J Lacy, MK Ross, JW Rousseau, M Nightingale, CH Nicolau, DP
Citation: J. Mcnabb et al., Randomized, crossover adherence trial of azithromycin and clarithromycin for Mycobacterium avium complex prophylaxis in AIDS patients, INF DIS C P, 9(1), 2000, pp. 27-32

Authors: Thummerer, S Gebauer, B Bohlen, HG von Oertzen, W Bazzacco, D Lenzi, SM Algora, A de Angelis, G Gadea, A Napoli, DR Borcan, C Donau, F Kaubler, L Schnare, H Schwengner, R Peter, I Beck, C Bhattacharya, C Rousseau, M Nouicer, R Lisle, J
Citation: S. Thummerer et al., Spectroscopy of Ti-44,Ti-46 with the Binary Reaction Spectrometer and Euroball, PHYS SCR, T88, 2000, pp. 114-117

Authors: Lopes-Cendes, I Scheffer, IE Berkovic, SF Rousseau, M Andermann, E Rouleau, GA
Citation: I. Lopes-cendes et al., A new locus for generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus maps to chromosome 2, AM J HU GEN, 66(2), 2000, pp. 698-701

Authors: Daniel, P Toulouse, J Rousseau, M Desert, A Ratuszna, A
Citation: P. Daniel et al., Influence of the cationic substitution on the mechanism of structural phase transitions in RbCaF3 and KCaF3: study of a typical mixed crystal Rb0.68K0.32CaF3, PHIL MAG B, 79(2), 1999, pp. 319-330

Authors: Daniel, P Toulouse, J Rousseau, M
Citation: P. Daniel et al., Phase transitions in mixed disordered crystals Rb1-xKxCaF3 (0 < x < 1) investigated by Raman spectroscopy, EPJ-APPL PH, 5(1), 1999, pp. 33-44

Authors: Rousseau, M
Citation: M. Rousseau, The concept of woman, AM CATH PH, 73(4), 1999, pp. 639-642

Authors: Sauvion, N Pavis, C Huc, A Rousseau, M Boissot, N
Citation: N. Sauvion et al., Characterization of the B biotype of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius (Hemiptera :Aleyrodidae) in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, ANN SOC ENT, 35, 1999, pp. 46-53

Authors: Mion, F Rousseau, M Scoazec, JY Berger, F Minaire, Y
Citation: F. Mion et al., [C-13]-galactose breath test: correlation with liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C, EUR J CL IN, 29(7), 1999, pp. 624-629

Authors: Clanet, F Malingre, G Rocher, DR Rousseau, M
Citation: F. Clanet et al., Use of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for determination of organic and inorganic silicon in biological and environmental samples, J PHYS IV, 8(P5), 1998, pp. 369-377

Authors: Deschenes, G Rousseau, M Tardif, J Prud'homme, PJH
Citation: G. Deschenes et al., Effect of the composition of some sulphide minerals on cyanidation and useof lead nitrate and oxygen to alleviate their impact, HYDROMETALL, 50(3), 1998, pp. 205-221
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