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Authors: Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Rosenthal, R Thieme, H Strauss, O
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Authors: Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Lieberman, MD Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Rosenthal, R Conen, D
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Authors: Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Varopoulou, H Rosenthal, R
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Authors: Rosenthal, R West, DRF
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Authors: Cross, S Rosenthal, R
Citation: S. Cross et R. Rosenthal, Three models of conflict resolution: Effects on intergroup expectancies and attitudes, J SOC ISSUE, 55(3), 1999, pp. 561-580
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