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Authors: Perlak, FJ Oppenhuizen, M Gustafson, K Voth, R Sivasupramaniam, S Heering, D Carey, B Ihrig, RA Roberts, JK
Citation: Fj. Perlak et al., Development and commercial use of Bollgard (R) cotton in the USA - early promises versus today's reality, PLANT J, 27(6), 2001, pp. 489-501

Authors: Smith, QW Holcomb, JD Galvin, J DeJong, G DeLisa, JA Roberts, JK
Citation: Qw. Smith et al., The effect of changes in the health care environment on rehabilitation research: A survey of rehabilitation physicians, ARCH PHYS M, 82(11), 2001, pp. 1624-1629

Authors: Magbanua, ZV Wilde, HD Roberts, JK Chowdhury, K Abad, J Moyer, JW Wetzstein, HY Parrott, WA
Citation: Zv. Magbanua et al., Field resistance to Tomato spotted wilt virus in transgenic peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) expressing an antisense nucleocapsid gene sequence, MOL BREED, 6(2), 2000, pp. 227-236

Authors: Attrill, RP Blower, MA Mulholland, KR Roberts, JK Richardson, JE Teasdale, MJ Wanders, A
Citation: Rp. Attrill et al., Development of a catalytic tributyltin hydride cyclisation process, ORG PROC R, 4(2), 2000, pp. 98-101

Authors: Ciabarra, AM Elkind, MS Roberts, JK Marshall, RS
Citation: Am. Ciabarra et al., Subcortical infarction resulting in acquired stuttering, J NE NE PSY, 69(4), 2000, pp. 546-549

Authors: Roberts, JK
Citation: Jk. Roberts, Comments on the British Institute of Radiology Working Party advice for patients after radionuclide therapy, BR J RADIOL, 73(868), 2000, pp. 453-454

Authors: Sau, M Sau, AK Roberts, JK Goldthorp, W
Citation: M. Sau et al., Treatment of unruptured ectopic pregnancy with methotrexate - A UK experience, ACT OBST SC, 79(9), 2000, pp. 790-792

Authors: Cooper, RA Cowan, RA Owens, SE Jeans, SP Roberts, JK Hillel, PG Slevin, NJ Allan, E Gupta, NK Collins, CD
Citation: Ra. Cooper et al., Does salivary gland scintigraphy predict response to pilocarpine in patients with post-radiotherapy xerostomia?, EUR J NUCL, 26(3), 1999, pp. 220-225

Authors: Roberts, JK
Citation: Jk. Roberts, Canonical redundancy (Rd) coefficients - They should (almost never) be computed and interpreted, ADV SOC SCI, 5, 1999, pp. 333-341

Authors: Roberts, JK Hughes, MJ
Citation: Jk. Roberts et Mj. Hughes, The use of heptafluorobutyric acid as a volatile ion-pair reagent in the high-performance liquid chromatographic isolation of SB-223070, J CHROMAT A, 828(1-2), 1998, pp. 297-302
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