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Authors: Di Paolo, MC Paoluzi, OA Pica, R Iacopini, F Crispino, P Rivera, M Spera, G Paoluzi, P
Citation: Mc. Di Paolo et al., Sulphasalazine and 5-aminosalicylic acid in long-term treatment of ulcerative colitis: report on tolerance and side-effects, DIG LIVER D, 33(7), 2001, pp. 563-569

Authors: Teruel, JL Lucas, MF Marcen, R Rodriguez, JR Rivera, M Liano, F Ortuno, J
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Authors: Marroquin, JL Velasco, FA Rivera, M Nakamura, M
Citation: Jl. Marroquin et al., Gauss-Markov measure field models for low-level vision, IEEE PATT A, 23(4), 2001, pp. 337-348

Authors: Streib, G Slotkin, BJ Rivera, M
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Authors: Rivera, M Wu, XL Yeung, C
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Authors: Hawiger, D Inaba, K Dorsett, Y Guo, M Mahnke, K Rivera, M Ravetch, JV Steinman, RM Nussenzweig, MC
Citation: D. Hawiger et al., Dendritic cells induce peripheral T cell unresponsiveness under steady state conditions in vivo, J EXP MED, 194(6), 2001, pp. 769-779

Authors: Saunthararajah, Y Molldrem, JJ Rivera, M Williams, A Stetler-Stevenson, M Sorbara, L Young, NS Barrett, JA
Citation: Y. Saunthararajah et al., Coincident myelodysplastic syndrome and T-cell large granular lymphocytic disease: clinical and pathophysiological features, BR J HAEM, 112(1), 2001, pp. 195-200

Authors: Altuve, A Silchenko, S Lee, KH Kuczera, K Terzyan, S Zhang, XJ Benson, DR Rivera, M
Citation: A. Altuve et al., Probing the differences between rat liver outer mitochondrial membrane cytochrome b(5) and microsomal cytochromes b(5), BIOCHEM, 40(32), 2001, pp. 9469-9483

Authors: Rivera, JA Gonzalez-Cossio, T Flores, M Romero, M Rivera, M Tellez-Rojo, MM Rosado, JL Brown, KH
Citation: Ja. Rivera et al., Multiple micronutrient supplementation increases the growth of Mexican infants, AM J CLIN N, 74(5), 2001, pp. 657-663

Authors: Rivera, M Lezama, JL Adelman, HM
Citation: M. Rivera et al., A student with renal failure and cardiac consequences, HOSP PRACT, 35(5), 2000, pp. 19

Authors: Parmananda, P Rivera, M Madrigal, R Kiss, IZ Gaspar, V
Citation: P. Parmananda et al., Resonant control of electrochemical oscillations, J PHYS CH B, 104(49), 2000, pp. 11748-11751

Authors: Wirtz, M Oganesyan, V Zhang, XJ Studer, J Rivera, M
Citation: M. Wirtz et al., Modulation of redox potential in electron transfer proteins: Effects of complex formation on the active site microenvironment of cytochrome b(5), FARADAY DIS, (116), 2000, pp. 221-234

Authors: Baier, G Santos, GJE Perales, H Rivera, M Muller, M Leder, R Parmananda, P
Citation: G. Baier et al., Self-exciting chaos as a dynamic model for irregular neural spiking, PHYS REV E, 62(6), 2000, pp. R7579-R7582

Authors: Zamarron, C Gude, F Alvarez, JM Rivera, M Gonzalez, FJ Rodriguez, JR
Citation: C. Zamarron et al., Airway disorders and pulmonary function in snorers. A population-based study, RESP MED, 94(9), 2000, pp. 835-840

Authors: Contreras, F Rivera, M Vasquez, J De la Parte, MA Velasco, M
Citation: F. Contreras et al., Endothelial dysfunction in arterial hypertension, J HUM HYPER, 14, 2000, pp. S20-S25

Authors: Contreras, F Rivera, M Vasquez, J De la Parte, MA Velasco, M
Citation: F. Contreras et al., Diabetes and hypertension physiopathology and therapeutics, J HUM HYPER, 14, 2000, pp. S26-S31

Authors: Rivera, M Teruel, JL Marcen, R Ortuno, J
Citation: M. Rivera et al., Intensive continuous peritoneal dialysis as treatment of uremic pericarditis, PERIT DIA I, 20(6), 2000, pp. 803-803

Authors: Rivera, M Mateos, ML Teruel, JL Marcen, R Ortuno, J
Citation: M. Rivera et al., Hepatitis E virus markers in a peritoneal dialysis population, PERIT DIA I, 20(5), 2000, pp. 576-577

Authors: Crespo, M Quereda, C Pascual, J Rivera, M Clemente, L Cano, T
Citation: M. Crespo et al., Patterns of sulfadiazine acute nephrotoxicity, CLIN NEPHR, 54(1), 2000, pp. 68-72

Authors: Perret, C Harris, PR Rivera, M Vial, P Duarte, I Barriga, F
Citation: C. Perret et al., Refractory enteric amebiasis in pediatric patients with acute graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, J PED GASTR, 31(1), 2000, pp. 86-90

Authors: Teruel, JL Lucas, MF Rodriguez, JR Sanchez, JL Marcen, R Rivera, M Liano, F Ortuno, J
Citation: Jl. Teruel et al., Relationship between ionic dialysance and urea blood water clearance, NEFROLOGIA, 20(2), 2000, pp. 145-150

Authors: Teruel, JL Lucas, MF Sanchez, JL Rodriguez, JR Rivera, M Marcen, R Ortuno, J
Citation: Jl. Teruel et al., Relationship between the different methods to calculate Kt/V, NEFROLOGIA, 20(1), 2000, pp. 72-78

Authors: Legarda-Saenz, R Rivera, M Rodriguez-Vera, R Trujillo-Schiaffino, G
Citation: R. Legarda-saenz et al., Robust wave-front estimation from multiple directional derivatives, OPTICS LETT, 25(15), 2000, pp. 1089-1091

Authors: Rivera, M Madrigal, R Parmananda, P Eiswirth, M Nyikos, L Kiss, IZ Gaspar, V
Citation: M. Rivera et al., Numerical analysis of spatio-temporal chaos in specially extended systems and research on chaotic electrodissolution of metals, REV MEX FIS, 46, 2000, pp. 11-15

Authors: Pineda, P Michelsen, H Rivera, M Lillo, R Massardo, T Araya, V Sierralta, P Oviedo, S Liberman, C
Citation: P. Pineda et al., Treatment of hyperthyroidism with radioiodine: effects of administered close on complications and thyroid junction, REV MED CHI, 128(5), 2000, pp. 499-508
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