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Authors: Downing, ND Dewnany, GD Radford, PJ
Citation: Nd. Downing et al., A rare and serious consequence of a rat bite, ANN RC SURG, 83(4), 2001, pp. 279-280

Authors: Downing, ND Radford, PJ
Citation: Nd. Downing et Pj. Radford, Stabilization of the Mitchell first metatarsal osteotomy using an intramedullary K-wire, FOOT ANKL I, 20(5), 1999, pp. 301-302

Authors: Allen, JI Blackford, JC Radford, PJ
Citation: Ji. Allen et al., An 1-D vertically resolved modelling study of the ecosystem dynamics of the middle and southern Adriatic Sea, J MAR SYST, 18(1-3), 1998, pp. 265-286
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