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Authors: Kuhn, JR Moretto, G Racine, R Roddier, F Coulter, R
Citation: Jr. Kuhn et al., Concepts for a large-aperture, high dynamic range telescope, PUB AST S P, 113(790), 2001, pp. 1486-1510

Authors: Marois, C Doyon, R Racine, R Nadeau, D
Citation: C. Marois et al., Efficient speckle noise attenuation in paint companion imaging, PUB AST S P, 112(767), 2000, pp. 91-96

Authors: Racine, R
Citation: R. Racine, The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope and the Cosmic Connection, ASTRO SP SC, 265(1-4), 1999, pp. 7-13

Authors: Nadeau, D Racine, R Doyon, R Arboit, G
Citation: D. Nadeau et al., Near-infrared imaging spectrophotometry of the gravitational mirage Q2237+0305, ASTROPHYS J, 527(1), 1999, pp. 46-53

Authors: Racine, R Walker, GAH Nadeau, D Doyon, R Marois, C
Citation: R. Racine et al., Speckle noise and the detection of faint companions, PUB AST S P, 111(759), 1999, pp. 587-594
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