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Authors: Pritchard, C
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Authors: Pritchard, C Bagley, C
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Authors: Pritchard, C
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Authors: Kraft, SP Nabi, NU Wilson, ME Roarty, JD Budning, AS de Faber, JTHN Ellis, GS Pritchard, C
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Authors: Pande, I O'Neill, TW Pritchard, C Scott, DL Woolf, AD
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Authors: Pritchard, C Baldwin, D
Citation: C. Pritchard et D. Baldwin, Effects of age and gender on elderly suicide rates in catholic and orthodox countries: An inadvertent neglect?, INT J GER P, 15(10), 2000, pp. 904-910

Authors: Pritchard, C Bagley, C
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Authors: Evans, BT Pritchard, C
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Authors: Pritchard, C
Citation: C. Pritchard, Etanercept and hepatitis C, JCR-J CLIN, 5(3), 1999, pp. 179-180

Authors: Pritchard, C
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Authors: Pande, I Pritchard, C
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Authors: Case-Green, S Pritchard, C Southern, EM
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Authors: Pritchard, C Cotton, A Bowen, D Williams, R
Citation: C. Pritchard et al., A consumer study of young people's views on their educational social worker: Engagement as a measure of an effective relationship, BR J SOC W, 28(6), 1998, pp. 915-938
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