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Authors: Fonte, P Marques, RF Pinhao, J Carolino, N Policarpo, A
Citation: P. Fonte et al., High-resolution RPCs for large TOF systems, NUCL INST A, 449(1-2), 2000, pp. 295-301

Authors: Fonte, P Ferreira-Marques, R Peskov, V Policarpo, A
Citation: P. Fonte et al., Single-electron pulse-height spectra in thin-gap parallel-plate chambers, NUCL INST A, 433(1-2), 1999, pp. 513-517

Authors: Fonte, P Carolino, N Costa, L Ferreira-Marques, R Mendiratta, S Peskov, V Policarpo, A
Citation: P. Fonte et al., A spark-protected high-rate detector, NUCL INST A, 431(1-2), 1999, pp. 154-159

Authors: Angelopoulos, A Apostolakis, A Aslanides, E Backenstoss, G Bargassa, P Behnke, O Benelli, A Bertin, V Blanc, F Bloch, P Carlson, P Carroll, M Cawley, E Charalambous, S Chertok, MB Danielsson, M Dejardin, M Derre, J Ealet, A Eleftheriadis, C Faravel, L Fetscher, W Fidecaro, M Filipcic, A Francis, D Fry, J Gabathuler, E Gamet, R Gerber, HJ Go, A Haselden, A Hayman, PJ Henry-Couannier, F Hollander, RW Jon-And, K Kettle, PR Kokkas, P Kreuger, R Le Gac, R Leimgruber, F Mandic, I Manthos, N Marel, G Mikuz, M Miller, J Montanet, F Muller, A Nakada, T Pagels, B Papadopoulos, I Pavlopoulos, P Policarpo, A Polivka, G Rickenbach, R Roberts, BL Ruf, T Santoni, C Schafer, M Schaller, LA Schietinger, T Schopper, A Tauscher, L Thibault, C Touchard, F Touramanis, C Van Eijk, CWE Vlachos, S Weber, P Wigger, O Wolter, M Zavrtanik, D Zimmerman, D
Citation: A. Angelopoulos et al., First direct observation of time-reversal non-invariance in the neutral-kaon system, PHYS LETT B, 444(1-2), 1998, pp. 43-51
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