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Authors: Pearson, P
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Authors: Pearson, P Roripaugh, LA
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Authors: Pearson, P Marquart, D
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Authors: Adamson, KA Pearson, P
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Authors: Hes, F Zewald, R Peeters, T Sijmons, R Links, T Verheij, J Matthijs, G Legius, E Mortier, G van der Torren, K Rosman, M Lips, C Pearson, P van der Luijt, R
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Authors: Pearson, P Timney, B
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Authors: Pearson, P Dawe, LA Timney, B
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Authors: Pearson, P
Citation: P. Pearson, P. Meera Khan - Editorial preface, CYTOG C GEN, 86(2), 1999, pp. 93-94

Authors: Pearson, P Timney, B
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Authors: Pearson, P McWhinney, P Stanley, P
Citation: P. Pearson et al., Resistance to antibiotics - Prescribing of antibiotics needs to be rational, BR MED J, 317(7171), 1998, pp. 1521-1521
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