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Authors: Tierney, GM Griffin, NR Stuart, RC Kasem, H Lynch, KP Lury, JT Brown, PD Millar, AW Steele, RJC Parsons, SL
Citation: Gm. Tierney et al., A pilot study of the safety and effects of the matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor marimastat in gastric cancer, EUR J CANC, 35(4), 1999, pp. 563-568

Authors: Hutchinson, JW Tierney, GM Parsons, SL Davis, TRC
Citation: Jw. Hutchinson et al., Dupuytren's disease and frozen shoulder induced by treatment with a matrixmetalloproteinase inhibitor, J BONE-BR V, 80B(5), 1998, pp. 907-908
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