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Authors: Kiel, JL Seaman, RL Mathur, SP Parker, JE Wright, JR Alls, JL Morales, PJ
Citation: Jl. Kiel et al., Pulsed microwave induced light, sound, and electrical discharge enhanced by a biopolymer, BIOELECTROM, 20(4), 1999, pp. 216-223

Authors: Falk, A Feys, BJ Frost, LN Jones, JDG Daniels, MJ Parker, JE
Citation: A. Falk et al., EDS1, an essential component of R gene-mediated disease resistance in Arabidopsis has homology to eukaryotic lipases, P NAS US, 96(6), 1999, pp. 3292-3297

Authors: Jirage, D Tootle, TL Reuber, TL Frost, LN Feys, BJ Parker, JE Ausubel, FM Glazebrook, J
Citation: D. Jirage et al., Arabidopsis thaliana PAD4 encodes a lipase-like gene that is important forsalicylic acid signaling, P NAS US, 96(23), 1999, pp. 13583-13588

Authors: Banks, DE Wang, ML Parker, JE
Citation: De. Banks et al., Asbestos exposure, asbestosis, and lung cancer, CHEST, 115(2), 1999, pp. 320-322

Authors: Mattoon, JS Parker, JE Huber, MJ
Citation: Js. Mattoon et al., What is your diagnosis?, J AM VET ME, 214(6), 1999, pp. 783-784

Authors: Kiel, JL Alls, JL Holwitt, EA Stribling, LJV Parker, JE
Citation: Jl. Kiel et al., Thermochemiluminescence as a technique for radio frequency radiation dosimetry, BIOELECTR B, 47(2), 1998, pp. 253-257

Authors: Parker, JE Fishlock, KL Mijovic, A Czepulkowski, B Pagliuca, A Mufti, GJ
Citation: Je. Parker et al., 'Low-risk' myelodysplastic syndrome is associated with excessive apoptosisand an increased ratio of pro-versus anti-apoptotic bcl-2-related proteins, BR J HAEM, 103(4), 1998, pp. 1075-1082
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