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Authors: Chien, J Wong, E Nikes, E Noble, MJ Pantazis, CG Shah, GV
Citation: J. Chien et al., Constitutive activation of stimulatory guanine nucleotide binding protein (G(s)alpha QL)-mediated signaling increases invasiveness and tumorigenicityof PC-3M prostate cancer cells, ONCOGENE, 18(22), 1999, pp. 3376-3382

Authors: Iczkowski, KA Shanks, JH Allsbrook, WC Lopez-Beltran, A Pantazis, CG Collins, TR Wetherington, RW Bostwick, DG
Citation: Ka. Iczkowski et al., Small cell carcinoma of urinary bladder is differentiated from urothelial carcinoma by chromogranin expression, absence of CD44 variant 6 expression,a unique pattern of cytokeratin expression, and more intense gamma-enolaseexpression, HISTOPATHOL, 35(2), 1999, pp. 150-156

Authors: Posey, Y Valdivia, E Persons, DL Ally, S Smith, DL Pantazis, CG Smith, SD
Citation: Y. Posey et al., Lipoblastoma presenting as a mesenteric mass in an infant, J PED H ONC, 20(6), 1998, pp. 580-582

Authors: Liao, DZJ Pantazis, CG Hou, XY Li, SA
Citation: Dzj. Liao et al., Promotion of estrogen-induced mammary gland carcinogenesis by androgen in the male Noble rat: probable mediation by steroid receptors, CARCINOGENE, 19(12), 1998, pp. 2173-2180
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