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Authors: Chang, JB Chen, RF Wang, Q Liu, P Pan, XP Yu, DQ
Citation: Jb. Chang et al., Application of CD excition chirality method to the studies of polyoxygenated cyclohexenes, ACT CHIM S, 58(5), 2000, pp. 554-558

Authors: Boden, AF Lane, BF Creech-Eakman, MJ Colavita, MM Dumont, PJ Gubler, J Koresko, CD Kuchner, MJ Kulkarni, SR Mobley, DW Pan, XP Shao, M van Belle, GT Wallace, JK Oppenheimer, BR
Citation: Af. Boden et al., The visual orbit of 64 Piscium, ASTROPHYS J, 527(1), 1999, pp. 360-368

Authors: Colavita, MM Wallace, JK Hines, BE Gursel, Y Malbet, F Palmer, DL Pan, XP Shao, M Yu, JW Boden, AF Dumont, PJ Gubler, J Koresko, CD Kulkarni, SR Lane, BF Mobley, DW van Belle, GT
Citation: Mm. Colavita et al., The Palomar Testbed Interferometer, ASTROPHYS J, 510(1), 1999, pp. 505-521

Authors: Creech-Eakman, MJ Kulkarni, SR Pan, XP Shaklan, SB
Citation: Mj. Creech-eakman et al., Photometric measurements of the fields of more than 700 nearby stars, ASTRONOM J, 118(5), 1999, pp. 2483-2487

Authors: van Belle, GT Lane, BF Thompson, RR Boden, AF Colavita, MM Dumont, PJ Mobley, DW Palmer, D Shao, M Vasisht, GX Wallace, JK Creech-Eakman, MJ Koresko, CD Kulkarni, SR Pan, XP Gubler, J
Citation: Gt. Van Belle et al., Radii and effective temperatures for G, K, and M giants and supergiants, ASTRONOM J, 117(1), 1999, pp. 521-533

Authors: Koresko, CD van Belle, GT Boden, AF Colavita, MM Creech-Eakman, MJ Dumont, PJ Gubler, J Kulkarni, SR Lane, BF Mobley, DW Pan, XP Shao, M Wallace, JK
Citation: Cd. Koresko et al., The visual orbit of the 0 '' 002 RS CVn binary star TZ Trianguli from near-infrared long-baseline interferometry, ASTROPHYS J, 509(1), 1998, pp. L45-L48

Authors: Malbet, F Berger, JP Colavita, MM Koresko, CD Beichman, C Boden, AF Kulkarni, SR Lane, BF Mobley, DW Pan, XP Shao, M Van Belle, GT Wallace, JK
Citation: F. Malbet et al., FU Orionis resolved by infrared long-baseline interferometry at a 2 AU scale, ASTROPHYS J, 507(2), 1998, pp. L149-L152
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