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Authors: Munro, RG Palmer, D Morrish, L
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Mao, HW Palmer, D Rosenthal, KS
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Li, SP Potter, C Palmer, D Eberl, DD Klemmer, T Spear, J Reiss, C Brown, D Morrone, A
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Authors: Palmer, D
Citation: D. Palmer, Imaging refractors with the convolution section, GEOPHYSICS, 66(5), 2001, pp. 1582-1589

Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D
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Authors: Palmer, D Schurch, S Belik, J
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Authors: Hankins, C Palmer, D Singh, R
Citation: C. Hankins et al., Unintended subcutaneous and intramuscular injection by drug users, CAN MED A J, 163(11), 2000, pp. 1425-1426
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