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Authors: Martin-Benito, J Area, E Ortega, J Llorca, O Valpuesta, JM Carrascosa, JL Ortin, J
Citation: J. Martin-benito et al., Three-dimensional reconstruction of a recombinant influenza virus ribonucleoprotein particle, EMBO REP, 2(4), 2001, pp. 313-317

Authors: Alvarez-Lacalle, E Casademunt, J Ortin, J
Citation: E. Alvarez-lacalle et al., Systematic weakly nonlinear analysis of interfacial instabilities in Hele-Shaw flows - art. no. 016302, PHYS REV E, 6401(1), 2001, pp. 6302

Authors: Hernandez-Machado, A Soriano, J Lacasta, AM Rodriguez, MA Ramirez-Piscina, L Ortin, J
Citation: A. Hernandez-machado et al., Interface roughening in Hele-Shaw flows with quenched disorder: Experimental and theoretical results, EUROPH LETT, 55(2), 2001, pp. 194-200

Authors: Huarte, M Sanz-Ezquerro, JJ Roncal, F Ortin, J Nieto, A
Citation: M. Huarte et al., PA subunit from influenza virus polymerase complex interacts with a cellular protein with homology to a family of transcriptional activators, J VIROLOGY, 75(18), 2001, pp. 8597-8604

Authors: Carrillo, L Soriano, J Ortin, J
Citation: L. Carrillo et al., Interfacial instabilities of a fluid annulus in a rotating Hele-Shaw cell, PHYS FLUIDS, 12(7), 2000, pp. 1685-1698

Authors: Aragon, T de la Luna, S Novoa, I Carrasco, L Ortin, J Nieto, A
Citation: T. Aragon et al., Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4GI is a cellular target for NS1 protein, a translational activator of influenza virus, MOL CELL B, 20(17), 2000, pp. 6259-6268

Authors: Perales, B Sanz-Ezquerro, JJ Gastaminza, P Ortega, J Santaren, JF Ortin, J Nieto, A
Citation: B. Perales et al., The replication activity of influenza virus polymerase is linked to the capacity of the PA subunit to induce proteolysis, J VIROLOGY, 74(3), 2000, pp. 1307-1312

Authors: Zurcher, T Marion, RM Ortin, J
Citation: T. Zurcher et al., Protein synthesis shut-off induced by influenza virus infection is independent of PKR activity, J VIROLOGY, 74(18), 2000, pp. 8781-8784

Authors: Ortega, J Martin-Benito, J Zurcher, T Valpuesta, JM Carrascosa, JL Ortin, J
Citation: J. Ortega et al., Ultrastructural and functional analyses of recombinant influenza virus ribonucleoproteins suggest dimerization of nucleoprotein during virus amplification, J VIROLOGY, 74(1), 2000, pp. 156-163

Authors: Frontera, C Goicoechea, J Ortin, J Vives, E
Citation: C. Frontera et al., Efficient algorithm for finding ground-states in the Random Field Ising model with an external field, J COMPUT PH, 160(1), 2000, pp. 117-125

Authors: Carrillo, L Soriano, J Ortin, J
Citation: L. Carrillo et al., Radial displacement of a fluid annulus in a rotating Hele-Shaw cell, PHYS FLUIDS, 11(4), 1999, pp. 778-785

Authors: Falcon, AM Fortes, P Marion, RM Beloso, A Ortin, J
Citation: Am. Falcon et al., (I)nteraction of influenza virus NS1 protein and the human homologue of Staufen in vivo and in vitro, NUCL ACID R, 27(11), 1999, pp. 2241-2247

Authors: Marion, RM Fortes, P Beloso, A Dotti, C Ortin, J
Citation: Rm. Marion et al., A human sequence homologue of Staufen is an RNA-binding protein that is associated with polysomes and localizes to the rough endoplasmic reticulum, MOL CELL B, 19(3), 1999, pp. 2212-2219

Authors: Kiebler, MA Hemraj, IA Verkade, P Kohrmann, M Fortes, P Marion, RM Ortin, J Dotti, CG
Citation: Ma. Kiebler et al., The mammalian Staufen protein localizes to the somatodendritic domain of cultured hippocampal neurons: Implications for its involvement in mRNA transport, J NEUROSC, 19(1), 1999, pp. 288-297

Authors: Gonzalez, S Ortin, J
Citation: S. Gonzalez et J. Ortin, Distinct regions of influenza virus PB1 polymerase subunit recognize vRNA and cRNA templates, EMBO J, 18(13), 1999, pp. 3767-3775

Authors: Portela, A Zurcher, T Nieto, A Ortin, J
Citation: A. Portela et al., Replication of orthomyxoviruses, ADV VIRUS R, 54, 1999, pp. 319-348

Authors: Mena, I Jambrina, E Albo, C Perales, B Ortin, J Arrese, M Vallejo, D Portela, A
Citation: I. Mena et al., Mutational analysis of influenza A virus nucleoprotein: Identification of mutations that affect RNA replication, J VIROLOGY, 73(2), 1999, pp. 1186-1194

Authors: Gonzalez, S Ortin, J
Citation: S. Gonzalez et J. Ortin, Characterization of influenza virus PB1 protein binding to viral RNA: Two separate regions of the protein contribute to the interaction domain, J VIROLOGY, 73(1), 1999, pp. 631-637

Authors: Ortin, J
Citation: J. Ortin, Multiple levels of posttranscriptional regulation of influenza virus gene expression, SEMIN VIROL, 8(4), 1998, pp. 335-342

Authors: Weber, F Jambrina, E Gonzalez, S Dessens, JT Leahy, M Kochs, G Portela, A Nuttall, PA Haller, O Ortin, J Zurcher, T
Citation: F. Weber et al., In vivo reconstitution of active Thogoto virus polymerase: assays for the compatibility with other orthomyxovirus core proteins and template RNAs, VIRUS RES, 58(1-2), 1998, pp. 13-20
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