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Authors: Tang, W Orlowski, M Longo, JMA Giese, P
Citation: W. Tang et al., Aerodynamic optimization of re-entry capsules, AEROSP SC T, 5(1), 2001, pp. 15-25

Authors: Lu, XH Michaud, C Orlowski, M
Citation: Xh. Lu et al., Heat shock protein-90 and the catalytic activities of the 20 S proteasome (multicatalytic proteinase complex), ARCH BIOCH, 387(1), 2001, pp. 163-171

Authors: Dolle, RE Guo, J O'Brien, L Jin, Y Piznik, M Bowman, KJ Li, WN Egan, WJ Cavallaro, CL Roughton, AL Zhao, Q Reader, JC Orlowski, M Jacob-Samuel, B Carroll, CD
Citation: Re. Dolle et al., A statistical-based approach to assessing the fidelity of combinatorial libraries encoded with electrophoric molecular tags. Development and application of tag decode-assisted single bead LC/MS analysis, J COMB CHEM, 2(6), 2000, pp. 716-731

Authors: Longo, JMA Orlowski, M Bruck, S
Citation: Jma. Longo et al., Considerations on CFD modeling for the design of re-entry vehicles, AEROSP SC T, 4(5), 2000, pp. 337-345

Authors: Dunn, D Orlowski, M McCoy, P Gastgeb, F Appell, K Ozgur, L Webb, M Burbaum, J
Citation: D. Dunn et al., Ultra-high throughput screen of two-million-member combinatorial compound collection in a miniaturized, 1536-well assay format, J BIOMOL SC, 5(3), 2000, pp. 177-187

Authors: Orlowski, M Wilk, S
Citation: M. Orlowski et S. Wilk, Catalytic activities of the 20 S proteasome, a multicatalytic proteinase complex, ARCH BIOCH, 383(1), 2000, pp. 1-16

Authors: Koczkodaj, WW Orlowski, M
Citation: Ww. Koczkodaj et M. Orlowski, Computing a consistent approximation to a generalized pairwise comparisonsmatrix, COMPUT MATH, 37(3), 1999, pp. 79-85

Authors: Anton, LC Snyder, HL Bennink, JR Vinitsky, A Orlowski, M Porgador, A Yewdell, JW
Citation: Lc. Anton et al., Dissociation of proteasomal degradation of biosynthesized viral proteins from generation of MHC class I-associated antigenic peptides (vol 160, pg 4859, 1998), J IMMUNOL, 162(5), 1999, pp. 3105-3105

Authors: Cardozo, C Michaud, C Orlowski, M
Citation: C. Cardozo et al., Components of the bovine pituitary multicatalytic proteinase complex (proteasome) cleaving bonds after hydrophobic residues, BIOCHEM, 38(30), 1999, pp. 9768-9777

Authors: Carroll, CD Johnson, TO Tao, S Lauri, G Orlowski, M Gluzman, IY Goldberg, DE Dolle, RE
Citation: Cd. Carroll et al., Evaluation of a structure-based statine cyclic diamino amide encoded combinatorial library against plasmepsin II and cathepsin D, BIOORG MED, 8(22), 1998, pp. 3203-3206
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