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Authors: Hayashi, T Kanai, H Yodoya, S Oka, M Hayashi, T
Citation: T. Hayashi et al., Biodegradation of random co-polypeptide hydrogels consisting of N-hydroxypropyl L-glutamine as one component, EUR POLYM J, 38(1), 2002, pp. 139-146

Authors: Shimizu, I Ishii, D Kawashima, K Oka, M Hosoki, K
Citation: I. Shimizu et al., Pharmacological effect of amezinium on urethra and bladder of rabbits, INT UROGYN, 12(3), 2001, pp. 170-177

Authors: Abe, T Oka, M Tangoku, A Hayashi, H Yamamoto, K Yahara, N Morita, K Tabata, T Ohmoto, Y
Citation: T. Abe et al., Interleukin-6 production in lung tissue after transthoracic esophagectomy, J AM COLL S, 192(3), 2001, pp. 322-329

Authors: Takahashi, H Soma, S Muramatsu, M Oka, M Fukuchi, Y
Citation: H. Takahashi et al., Upregulation of ET-1 and its receptors and remodeling in small pulmonary veins under hypoxic conditions, AM J P-LUNG, 280(6), 2001, pp. L1104-L1114

Authors: Oka, M
Citation: M. Oka, Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibition restores impaired ACh relaxation in hypertensive conduit pulmonary arteries, AM J P-LUNG, 280(3), 2001, pp. L432-L435

Authors: Oka, M Fukuda, M Fukuda, M Kinoshita, A Kuba, M Ichiki, M Rikimaru, T Soda, H Takatani, H Narasaki, F Nagashima, S Nakamura, YI Hayashi, N Kohno, S
Citation: M. Oka et al., Phase I study of irinotecan and cisplatin with concurrent split-course radiotherapy in unresectable and locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, EUR J CANC, 37(11), 2001, pp. 1359-1365

Authors: Iida, T Kijima, H Urata, Y Goto, S Ihara, Y Oka, M Kohno, S Scanlon, KJ Kondo, T
Citation: T. Iida et al., Hammerhead ribozyme against gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase sensitizes human colonic cancer cells to cisplatin by down-regulating both the glutathione synthesis and the expression of multidrug resistance proteins, CANC GENE T, 8(10), 2001, pp. 803-814

Authors: Yoshimura, K Hazama, S Iizuka, N Yoshino, S Yamamoto, K Muraguchi, M Ohmoto, Y Noma, T Oka, M
Citation: K. Yoshimura et al., Successful immunogene therapy using colon cancer cells (colon 26) transfected with plasmid vector containing mature interleukin-18 cDNA and the Ig kappa leader sequence, CANC GENE T, 8(1), 2001, pp. 9-16

Authors: Kiriyama, MT Oka, M Takehana, M Kobayashi, S
Citation: Mt. Kiriyama et al., Expression of a small heat shock protein 27 (HSP27) in mouse skin tumors induced by UVB-irradiation, BIOL PHAR B, 24(2), 2001, pp. 197-200

Authors: Inoue, Y Oka, M Ishii, H Kimino, K Kishikawa, M Ito, M Ito, T Nakashima, M Kohno, S
Citation: Y. Inoue et al., A solitary bronchial papilloma with malignant changes, INTERN MED, 40(1), 2001, pp. 56-60

Authors: Yang, ZQ Imoto, I Pimkhaokham, A Shimada, Y Sasaki, K Oka, M Inazawa, J
Citation: Zq. Yang et al., A novel amplicon at 9p23-24 in squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus that lies proximal to GASC1 and harbors NFIB, JPN J CANC, 92(4), 2001, pp. 423-428

Authors: Takahashi, H Soma, S Muramatsu, M Oka, M Ienaga, H Fukuchi, Y
Citation: H. Takahashi et al., Discrepant distribution of big endothelin (ET)-1 and ET receptors in the pulmonary artery, EUR RESP J, 18(1), 2001, pp. 5-14

Authors: Oka, M Hayashi, S Itoh, Y
Citation: M. Oka et al., Electrophysiological and neurochemical evidence for voltage-dependent Ca2+channel blockade by a novel neuroprotective agent NS-7, PHARM TOX, 89(3), 2001, pp. 123-128

Authors: Nakamichi, K Yasuura, H Fukui, H Oka, M Izumi, S
Citation: K. Nakamichi et al., Evaluation of a floating dosage form of nicardipine hydrochloride and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose acetate succinate prepared using a twin-screw extruder, INT J PHARM, 218(1-2), 2001, pp. 103-112

Authors: Sasaki, K Inoue, T Oka, M
Citation: K. Sasaki et al., Non-mesonic weak decay of light hypernuclei, NUCL PHYS A, 691(1-2), 2001, pp. 201C-204C

Authors: Oka, M
Citation: M. Oka, QCD effects on weak decays of hyperon, NUCL PHYS A, 691(1-2), 2001, pp. 361C-366C

Authors: Naito, K Nemoto, Y Takizawa, M Yoshida, K Oka, M
Citation: K. Naito et al., eta and eta ' mesons in the improved ladder Bethe-Salpeter approach, NUCL PHYS A, 684, 2001, pp. 307C-309C

Authors: Takeuchi, S Tani, Y Oka, M
Citation: S. Takeuchi et al., Effects of instantons on the YN interaction, NUCL PHYS A, 684, 2001, pp. 403C-405C

Authors: Inoue, T Sasaki, K Oka, M
Citation: T. Inoue et al., Study of pn -> p Lambda weak scattering in a quark model, NUCL PHYS A, 684, 2001, pp. 478C-480C

Authors: Yoshii, S Oka, M Ikeda, N Akagi, M Matsusue, Y Nakamura, T
Citation: S. Yoshii et al., Bridging a peripheral nerve defect using collagen filaments, J HAND S-AM, 26A(1), 2001, pp. 52-59

Authors: Maruo, Y Sugimoto, T Oka, M Hara, T Sato, T
Citation: Y. Maruo et al., Accelerated DNA fragmentation of the denture-bearing mucosal epithelium inan animal model of diabetes, J ORAL REH, 28(4), 2001, pp. 393-399

Authors: Hirouchi, M Itoh, Y Aoki, Y Oka, M Ukai, Y
Citation: M. Hirouchi et al., Reversal by NS-7, a neuroprotective compound, of the decrease in transcription factor CREB mRNA expression in rat brain after permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion, NEUROSCI L, 305(3), 2001, pp. 193-196

Authors: Iizuka, N Tangoku, A Hazama, S Yoshino, S Mori, N Oka, M
Citation: N. Iizuka et al., Nm23-H1 gene as a molecular switch between the free-floating and adherent states of gastric cancer cells, CANCER LETT, 174(1), 2001, pp. 65-71

Authors: Kobayashi, M Toguchida, J Oka, M
Citation: M. Kobayashi et al., Development of polyvinyl alcohol-hydrogel (PVA-H) shields with a high water content for tendon injury repair, J HAND S-BR, 26(5), 2001, pp. 436-440

Authors: Oka, M Tasaka, Y Iwabuchi, M Mino, M
Citation: M. Oka et al., Elevated sensitivity to gibberellin by vernalization in the vegetative rosette plants of Eustoma grandiflorum and Arabidopsis thaliana, PLANT SCI, 160(6), 2001, pp. 1237-1245
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