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Authors: Oesterheld, M Loreti, J Semmartin, M Sala, OE
Citation: M. Oesterheld et al., Inter-annual variation in primary production of a semi-arid grassland related to previous-year production, J VEG SCI, 12(1), 2001, pp. 137-142

Authors: Vasellati, V Oesterheld, M Medan, D Loreti, J
Citation: V. Vasellati et al., Effects of flooding and drought on the anatomy of Paspalum dilatatum, ANN BOTANY, 88(3), 2001, pp. 355-360

Authors: Semmartin, M Oesterheld, M
Citation: M. Semmartin et M. Oesterheld, Effects of grazing pattern and nitrogen availability on primary productivity, OECOLOGIA, 126(2), 2001, pp. 225-230

Authors: Perelman, SB Leon, RJC Oesterheld, M
Citation: Sb. Perelman et al., Cross-scale vegetation patterns of Flooding Pampa grasslands, J ECOLOGY, 89(4), 2001, pp. 562-577

Authors: Sala, OE Chapin, FS Armesto, JJ Berlow, E Bloomfield, J Dirzo, R Huber-Sanwald, E Huenneke, LF Jackson, RB Kinzig, A Leemans, R Lodge, DM Mooney, HA Oesterheld, M Poff, NL Sykes, MT Walker, BH Walker, M Wall, DH
Citation: Oe. Sala et al., Biodiversity - Global biodiversity scenarios for the year 2100, SCIENCE, 287(5459), 2000, pp. 1770-1774

Authors: Oesterheld, M McNaughton, SJ
Citation: M. Oesterheld et Sj. Mcnaughton, Herbivory in terrestrial ecosystems, METHODS IN ECOSYSTEM SCIENCE, 2000, pp. 151-157
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