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Authors: Imaeda, A Aoki, T Kondo, Y Hori, M Ogata, M Obayashi, H Hasegawa, G Nakamura, N Tokuda, K Nishino, H Yoshikawa, T Kondo, M
Citation: A. Imaeda et al., Protective effects of fluvastatin against reactive oxygen species induced DNA damage and mutagenesis, FREE RAD RE, 34(1), 2001, pp. 33-44

Authors: Sakatsume, M Xie, YS Ueno, M Obayashi, H Goto, S Narita, I Homma, N Tasaki, K Suzuki, Y Gejyo, F
Citation: M. Sakatsume et al., Human glomerulonephritis accompanied by active cellular infiltrates shows effector T cells in urine, J AM S NEPH, 12(12), 2001, pp. 2636-2644

Authors: Kitawaki, J Obayashi, H Ishihara, H Koshiba, H Kusuki, I Kado, N Tsukamoto, K Hasegawa, G Nakamura, N Honjo, H
Citation: J. Kitawaki et al., Oestrogen receptor-alpha gene polymorphism is associated with endometriosis, adenomyosis and leiomyomata, HUM REPR, 16(1), 2001, pp. 51-55

Authors: Suto, Y Suto, A Inokuma, H Obayashi, H Hayashi, T
Citation: Y. Suto et al., First confirmed canine case of Ehrlichia canis infection in Japan, VET REC, 148(26), 2001, pp. 809-811

Authors: Ikeda, T Obayashi, H Hasegawa, G Nakamura, N Yoshikawa, T Imamura, Y Koizumi, K Kinoshita, S
Citation: T. Ikeda et al., Paraoxonase gene polymorphisms and plasma oxidized low-density lipoproteinlevel as possible risk factors for exudative age-related macular degeneration, AM J OPHTH, 132(2), 2001, pp. 191-195

Authors: Osawa, Y Omori, S Nagai, M Obayashi, H Maruyama, H Gejyo, F
Citation: Y. Osawa et al., Thoracic aortic dissection in a patient with autosomal dominant polycystickidney disease treated with maintenance hemodialysis, J NEPHROL, 13(3), 2000, pp. 193-195

Authors: Fukui, M Nakamura, N Nakano, K Kajiyama, S Matsuo, S Obayashi, H Ohta, M Shigeta, M Shigeta, H Kitagawa, Y Kondo, M
Citation: M. Fukui et al., HLA-associated cellular response to GAD in type 2 diabetes with antibodiesto GAD, ENDOCR J, 47(6), 2000, pp. 753-761

Authors: Ohta, M Ohta, K Obayashi, H Nakamura, N Shigeta, H Nakano, K Hasegawa, G Fukui, M Kitagawa, Y Nishimura, M Itoh, N
Citation: M. Ohta et al., Clinical evaluation of a radioimmunoprecipitation assay for IA-2 antibody and comparison of GAD antibody in type 1 diabetes mellitus, AUTOIMMUN, 32(2), 2000, pp. 79-88

Authors: Tanaka, T Nakamura, N Kitagawa, Y Shigeta, H Hasegawa, G Obayashi, H Miyasaka, M Nakao, H Makino, S Kondo, M
Citation: T. Tanaka et al., Prediction of diabetes in biobreeding/Aburahi rats by the measurement of soluble L-selectin, AUTOIMMUN, 32(2), 2000, pp. 101-107

Authors: Nakamura, N Obayashi, H Fujii, M Fukui, M Yoshimori, K Ogata, M Hasegawa, G Shigeta, H Kitagawa, Y Yoshikawa, T Kondo, M Ohta, M Nishimura, M Nishinaka, T Nishimura, CY
Citation: N. Nakamura et al., Induction of aldose reductase in cultured human microvascular endothelial cells by advanced glycation end products, FREE RAD B, 29(1), 2000, pp. 17-25

Authors: Kanemoto, K Kawasaki, J Miyamoto, T Obayashi, H Nishimura, M
Citation: K. Kanemoto et al., Interleukin (IL)-1 beta, IL-1 alpha, and IL-1 receptor antagonist gene polymorphisms in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, ANN NEUROL, 47(5), 2000, pp. 571-574

Authors: Nishimura, M Obayashi, H Maruya, E Ohta, M Tegoshi, H Fukui, M Hasegawa, G Shigeta, H Kitagawa, Y Nakano, K Saji, H Nakamura, N
Citation: M. Nishimura et al., Association between type 1 diabetes age-at-onset and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) gene polymorphism, HUMAN IMMUN, 61(5), 2000, pp. 507-510

Authors: Aoki, S Hasegawa, G Shigeta, H Obayashi, H Fujii, M Kimura, F Moriwaki, A Nakamura, N Ienaga, K Nakamura, K Kondo, M
Citation: S. Aoki et al., Crossline levels in serum and erythrocyte membrane proteins from patients with diabetic nephropathy, DIABET RE C, 48(2), 2000, pp. 119-125

Authors: Obayashi, H Hasegawa, G Fukui, M Kamiuchi, K Kitamura, A Ogata, M Kanaitsuka, T Shigeta, H Kitagawa, Y Nakano, K Nishimura, M Ohta, M Nakamura, N
Citation: H. Obayashi et al., Tumor necrosis factor microsatellite polymorphism influences the development of insulin dependency in adult-onset diabetes patients with the DRB11502-DQB1*0601 allele and anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies, J CLIN END, 85(9), 2000, pp. 3348-3351

Authors: Akin, C Schwartz, LB Kitoh, T Obayashi, H Worobec, AS Scott, LM Metcalfe, DD
Citation: C. Akin et al., Soluble stem cell factor receptor (CD117) and IL-2 receptor alpha chain (CD25) levels in the plasma of patients with mastocytosis: relationships to disease severity and bone marrow pathology, BLOOD, 96(4), 2000, pp. 1267-1273

Authors: Hara, H Ohta, M Ohta, K Nishimura, M Obayashi, H Adachi, T
Citation: H. Hara et al., Isolation of two novel alternative splicing variants of allograft inflammatory factor-1, BIOL CHEM, 380(11), 1999, pp. 1333-1336

Authors: Ichimasa, M Suzuki, M Obayashi, H Sakuma, Y Ichimasa, Y
Citation: M. Ichimasa et al., In vitro determination of oxidation of atmospheric tritium gas in vegetation and soil in Ibaraki and Gifu, JAPAN, J RADIAT R, 40(3), 1999, pp. 243-251

Authors: Hashimoto, M Nakamura, N Obayashi, H Kimura, F Moriwaki, A Hasegawa, G Shigeta, H Kitagawa, Y Nakano, K Kondo, M Ohta, M Nishimura, M
Citation: M. Hashimoto et al., Genetic contribution of the BAT2 gene microsatellite polymorphism to the age-at-onset of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, HUM GENET, 105(3), 1999, pp. 197-199

Authors: Obayashi, H Nakamura, N Fukui, M Tegoshi, H Fujii, M Ogata, M Hasegawa, G Shigeta, H Kitagawa, Y Nakano, K Kondo, M Fukui, I Maruya, E Saji, H Ohta, M Nishimura, M
Citation: H. Obayashi et al., Influence of TNF microsatellite polymorphisms (TNFa) on age-at-onset of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, HUMAN IMMUN, 60(10), 1999, pp. 974-978

Authors: Hasegawa, G Obayashi, H Kitamura, A Hashimoto, M Shigeta, H Nakamura, N Kondo, M Nishimura, CY
Citation: G. Hasegawa et al., Increased levels of aldose reductase in peripheral mononuclear cells from type 2 diabetic patients with microangiopathy, DIABET RE C, 45(1), 1999, pp. 9-14

Authors: Nagayama, K Tazawa, J Sakai, Y Miyasaka, Y Yu, SH Sakuma, I Maekawa, S Obayashi, H Marumo, F Sato, C
Citation: K. Nagayama et al., Efficacy of endoscopic clipping for bleeding gastroduodenal ulcer: Comparison with topical ethanol injection, AM J GASTRO, 94(10), 1999, pp. 2897-2901

Authors: Obayashi, H Makishima, K Tamura, T
Citation: H. Obayashi et al., ASCA observations of the Sculptor supercluster, PUB AST S J, 50(6), 1998, pp. 537-545
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