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Authors: Tsubaki, K Hayashi, N Nuruzzaman, M Kusumoto, T Fuji, K
Citation: K. Tsubaki et al., Visual recognition of triamines by phenolphthalein derivatives: Consideration of the structure of the colored complex, ORG LETT, 3(25), 2001, pp. 4067-4069

Authors: Tsubaki, K Nuruzzaman, M Kusumoto, T Hayashi, N Bin-Gui, W Fuji, K
Citation: K. Tsubaki et al., Visual enantiomeric recognition using chiral phenolphthalein derivatives, ORG LETT, 3(25), 2001, pp. 4071-4073

Authors: Nuruzzaman, M Yamamoto, Y Nitta, Y Yoshida, T Miyazaki, A
Citation: M. Nuruzzaman et al., Varietal differences in tillering ability of fourteen Japonica and Indica rice varieties, SOIL SCI PL, 46(2), 2000, pp. 381-391

Authors: Fuji, K Watanabe, Y Ohtsubo, T Nuruzzaman, M Hamajima, Y Kohno, M
Citation: K. Fuji et al., Synthesis of extremely simplified compounds possessing the key pharmacophore units of taxol, phenylisoserine and oxetane moieties, CHEM PHARM, 47(9), 1999, pp. 1334-1337

Authors: Tanaka, K Nuruzzaman, M Yoshida, M Asakawa, N Yang, XS Tsubaki, K Fuji, K
Citation: K. Tanaka et al., Use of 1,1 '-binaphthalene-8,8 '-diol as a chiral auxiliary for asymmetricMichael addition. Application to the syntheses of turmeronol A and B, CHEM PHARM, 47(7), 1999, pp. 1053-1055
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