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Authors: Zhu, DW Lorber, B Sauter, C Ng, JD Benas, P Le Grimellec, C Giege, R
Citation: Dw. Zhu et al., Growth kinetics, diffraction properties and effect of agarose on the stability of a novel crystal form of Thermus thermophilus aspartyl-tRNA synthetase-1, ACT CRYST D, 57, 2001, pp. 552-558

Authors: Roberts, PH Zhou, XY Holmes, AM Ranson, H Small, G Hemingway, J Ng, JD Chen, LQ Meehan, EJ
Citation: Ph. Roberts et al., Crystallization of agGST1-6, a recombinant glutathione S-transferase from a DDT-resistant strain of Anopheles gambiae, ACT CRYST D, 57, 2001, pp. 134-136

Authors: Ng, JD Nunery, WR Martin, RT Ng, PA Bonnin, JM Elkins, AD
Citation: Jd. Ng et al., Effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on hydroxyapatite orbital implant vascularization in rabbits, OPHTHAL PL, 17(4), 2001, pp. 254-263

Authors: Charron, C Sauter, C Zhu, DW Ng, JD Kern, D Lorber, B Giege, R
Citation: C. Charron et al., Packing contacts in orthorhombic and monoclinic crystals of a thermophilicaspartyl-tRNA synthetase favor the hydrophobic regions of the protein, J CRYST GR, 232(1-4), 2001, pp. 376-386

Authors: Green, ME Kirkland, N Ng, JD
Citation: Me. Green et al., Effect of a mutation at arginine 301 on the stability, crystal quality andthe preliminary crystallographic analysis of recombinant canavalin from Canavalia ensiformis, J CRYST GR, 232(1-4), 2001, pp. 387-398

Authors: Lorber, B Ng, JD Lautenschlager, P Giege, R
Citation: B. Lorber et al., Growth kinetics and motion of thaumatin crystals during USML-2 and LMS microgravity missions and comparison with earth controls, J CRYST GR, 208(1-4), 2000, pp. 665-677

Authors: Lorber, B Sauter, C Ng, JD Zhu, DW Giege, R Vidal, O Robert, MC Capelle, B
Citation: B. Lorber et al., Characterization of protein and virus crystals by quasi-planar wave X-ray topography: a comparison between crystals grown in solution and in agarose gel, J CRYST GR, 204(3), 1999, pp. 357-368

Authors: Sauter, C Ng, JD Lorber, B Keith, G Brion, P Hosseini, MW Lehn, JM Giege, R
Citation: C. Sauter et al., Additives for the crystallization of proteins and nucleic acids, J CRYST GR, 196(2-4), 1999, pp. 365-376
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