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Authors: Duxbury, NS Nealson, KH Romanovsky, VE
Citation: Ns. Duxbury et al., On the possibility of clathrate hydrates on the Moon, J GEO R-PLA, 106(E11), 2001, pp. 27811-27813

Authors: Duxbury, NS Zotikov, IA Nealson, KH Romanovsky, VE Carsey, FD
Citation: Ns. Duxbury et al., A numerical model for an alternative origin of Lake Vostok and its exobiological implications for Mars, J GEO R-PLA, 106(E1), 2001, pp. 1453-1462

Authors: Stein, LY La Duc, MT Grundl, TJ Nealson, KH
Citation: Ly. Stein et al., Bacterial and archaeal populations associated with freshwater ferromanganous micronodules and sediments, ENVIRON MIC, 3(1), 2001, pp. 10-18

Authors: Bergmann, U Glatzel, P Robblee, JH Messinger, J Fernandez, C Cinco, R Visser, H McFarlane, K Bellacchio, E Pizarro, S Sauer, K Yachandra, VK Klein, MP Cox, BL Nealson, KH Cramer, SP
Citation: U. Bergmann et al., High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of rare events: a different look at local structure and chemistry, J SYNCHROTR, 8, 2001, pp. 199-203

Authors: Kemner, KM Kelly, SD Orlandini, KA Tsapin, AI Goldfeld, MG Perfiliev, YD Nealson, KH
Citation: Km. Kemner et al., XAS investigations of Fe(VI), J SYNCHROTR, 8, 2001, pp. 949-951

Authors: De Stasio, G Gilbert, B Frazer, BH Nealson, KH Conrad, PG Livi, V Labrenz, M Banfield, JF
Citation: G. De Stasio et al., The multidisciplinarity of spectromicroscopy: from geomicrobiology to archaeology, J ELEC SPEC, 114, 2001, pp. 997-1003

Authors: Gilbert, B Margaritondo, G Douglas, S Nealson, KH Egerton, RF Rempfer, GF De Stasio, G
Citation: B. Gilbert et al., XANES microspectroscopy of biominerals with photoconductive charge compensation, J ELEC SPEC, 114, 2001, pp. 1005-1011

Authors: MacGregor, BJ Moser, DP Baker, BJ Alm, EW Maurer, M Nealson, KH Stahl, DA
Citation: Bj. Macgregor et al., Seasonal and spatial variability in Lake Michigan sediment small-subunit rRNA concentrations, APPL ENVIR, 67(9), 2001, pp. 3908-3922

Authors: Tsapin, AI Vandenberghe, I Nealson, KH Scott, JH Meyer, TE Cusanovich, MA Harada, E Kaizu, T Akutsu, H Leys, D Van Beeumen, JJ
Citation: Ai. Tsapin et al., Identification of a small tetraheme cytochrome c and a flavocytochrome c as two of the principal soluble cytochromes c in Shewanella oneidensis strain MR1, APPL ENVIR, 67(7), 2001, pp. 3236-3244

Authors: Lanoil, BD Sassen, R La Duc, MT Sweet, ST Nealson, KH
Citation: Bd. Lanoil et al., Bacteria and Archaea physically associated with Gulf of Mexico gas hydrates, APPL ENVIR, 67(11), 2001, pp. 5143-5153

Authors: Storrie-Lombardi, MC Hug, WF McDonald, GD Tsapin, AI Nealson, KH
Citation: Mc. Storrie-lombardi et al., Hollow cathode ion lasers for deep ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging, REV SCI INS, 72(12), 2001, pp. 4452-4459

Authors: Ching, WK Colussi, AJ Sun, HJ Nealson, KH Hoffmann, MR
Citation: Wk. Ching et al., Escherichia coli disinfection by electrohydraulic discharges, ENV SCI TEC, 35(20), 2001, pp. 4139-4144

Authors: Dollhopf, ME Nealson, KH Simon, DM Luther, GW
Citation: Me. Dollhopf et al., Kinetics of Fe(III) and Mn(IV) reduction by the Black Sea strain of Shewanella putrefaciens using in situ solid state voltammetric Au/Hg electrodes, MAR CHEM, 70(1-3), 2000, pp. 171-180

Authors: Ozawa, K Tsapin, AI Nealson, KH Cusanovich, MA Akutsu, H
Citation: K. Ozawa et al., Expression of a tetraheme protein, Desulfovibrio vulgaris miyazaki F cytochrome c(3), in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1, APPL ENVIR, 66(9), 2000, pp. 4168-4171

Authors: Anbar, AD Roe, JE Barling, J Nealson, KH
Citation: Ad. Anbar et al., Nonbiological fractionation of iron isotopes, SCIENCE, 288(5463), 2000, pp. 126-128

Authors: Weiss, BP Yung, YL Nealson, KH
Citation: Bp. Weiss et al., Atmospheric energy for subsurface life on Mars?, P NAS US, 97(4), 2000, pp. 1395-1399

Authors: Tsapin, AI Goldfeld, MG McDonald, GD Nealson, KH Moskovitz, B Solheid, P Kemner, KM Kelly, SD Orlandini, KA
Citation: Ai. Tsapin et al., Iron(VI): Hypothetical candidate for the martian oxidant, ICARUS, 147(1), 2000, pp. 68-78

Authors: Grimes, DJ Mills, AL Nealson, KH
Citation: Dj. Grimes et al., The importance of viable but nonculturable bacteria in biogeochemistry, NONCULTURABLE MICROORGANISMS IN THE ENVIRONMENT, 2000, pp. 209-227

Authors: Leys, D Tsapin, AS Nealson, KH Meyer, TE Cusanovich, MA Van Beeumen, JJ
Citation: D. Leys et al., Structure and mechanism of the flavocytochrome c fumarate reductase of Shewanella putrefaciens MR-1, NAT ST BIOL, 6(12), 1999, pp. 1113-1117

Authors: Nealson, KH Conrad, PG
Citation: Kh. Nealson et Pg. Conrad, Life: past, present and future, PHI T ROY B, 354(1392), 1999, pp. 1923-1939

Authors: Rothe, J Kneedler, EM Pecher, K Tonner, BP Nealson, KH Grundl, T Meyer-Ilse, W Warwick, T
Citation: J. Rothe et al., Spectromicroscopy of Mn distributions in micronodules produced by biomineralization, J SYNCHROTR, 6, 1999, pp. 359-361

Authors: Nealson, KH
Citation: Kh. Nealson, Post-Viking microbiology: New approaches, new data, new insights, ORIGIN LIFE, 29(1), 1999, pp. 73-93

Authors: Teece, MA Fogel, ML Dollhopf, ME Nealson, KH
Citation: Ma. Teece et al., Isotopic fractionation associated with biosynthesis of fatty acids by a marine bacterium under oxic and anoxic conditions, ORG GEOCHEM, 30(12), 1999, pp. 1571-1579

Authors: Beard, BL Johnson, CM Cox, L Sun, H Nealson, KH Aguilar, C
Citation: Bl. Beard et al., Iron isotope biosignatures, SCIENCE, 285(5435), 1999, pp. 1889-1892

Authors: Gaidos, EJ Nealson, KH Kirschvink, JL
Citation: Ej. Gaidos et al., Biogeochemistry - Life in ice-covered oceans, SCIENCE, 284(5420), 1999, pp. 1631-1633
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