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Authors: Akasaka, T Wakahara, T Nagase, S Kobayashi, K Waelchli, M Yamamoto, K Kondo, M Shirakura, S Maeda, Y Kato, T Kako, M Nakadaira, Y Gao, X Van Caemelbecke, E Kadish, KM
Citation: T. Akasaka et al., Structural determination of the La@C-82 isomer, J PHYS CH B, 105(15), 2001, pp. 2971-2974

Authors: Takenaka, S Kusano, KF Hisamatsu, K Nagase, S Nakamura, K Morita, H Matsubara, H Emori, T Ohe, T
Citation: S. Takenaka et al., Relatively benign clinical course in asymptomatic patients with Brugada-type electrocardiogram without family history of sudden death, J CARD ELEC, 12(1), 2001, pp. 2-6

Authors: Shimizu, A Wakita, Y Nagase, S Okabe, M Koji, T Hayashi, T Nagase, N Sasaki, A Kawano, J Yamashita, K Takagi, M
Citation: A. Shimizu et al., Antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus intermedius isolated from healthy and diseased dogs, J VET MED S, 63(3), 2001, pp. 357-360

Authors: Sasaki, Y Fujitsuka, M Ito, O Maeda, Y Wakahara, T Akasaka, T Kobayashi, K Nagase, S Kako, M Nakadaira, Y
Citation: Y. Sasaki et al., Photoinduced electron-transfer reactions between C-60 and cyclic disiliranes (c-R2Si-X-SiR2; X = SiR2, CH2, O, NPh, S), HETEROCYCLE, 54(2), 2001, pp. 777

Authors: Kimura, M Nagase, S
Citation: M. Kimura et S. Nagase, The quest of stable silanones: Substituent effects, CHEM LETT, (11), 2001, pp. 1098-1099

Authors: Iyoda, M Hasegawa, M Kuwatani, Y Nishikawa, H Fukami, K Nagase, S Yamamoto, G
Citation: M. Iyoda et al., Effects of molecular association in the radical-cations of 1,8-bis(ethylenedithiotetrathiafulvalenyl)naphthalene, CHEM LETT, (11), 2001, pp. 1146-1147

Authors: Takagi, N Nagase, S
Citation: N. Takagi et S. Nagase, A silicon-silicon triple bond surrounded by bulky terphenyl groups, CHEM LETT, (10), 2001, pp. 966-967

Authors: Han, AH Wakahara, T Maeda, Y Niino, Y Akasaka, T Yamamoto, K Kako, M Nakadaira, Y Kobayashi, K Nagase, S
Citation: Ah. Han et al., Photochemical cycloaddition of C-78 with disilirane, CHEM LETT, (10), 2001, pp. 974-975

Authors: Takagi, N Schmidt, MW Nagase, S
Citation: N. Takagi et al., Ga-Ga multiple bond in Na-2[ArGaGaAr*] (Ar* = C6H3-2,6-(C6H2-2,4,6-i-Pr-3)(2)), ORGANOMETAL, 20(8), 2001, pp. 1646-1651

Authors: Kobayashi, K Takagi, N Nagase, S
Citation: K. Kobayashi et al., Do bulky aryl groups make stable silicon-silicon triple bonds synthetically accessible?, ORGANOMETAL, 20(2), 2001, pp. 234-236

Authors: Kobayashi, K Sano, Y Nagase, S
Citation: K. Kobayashi et al., Theoretical study of endohedral metallofullerenes: Sc3-nLanN@C-80 (n=0-3), J COMPUT CH, 22(13), 2001, pp. 1353-1358

Authors: Aoyagi, K Shahrzad, S Iida, S Tomida, C Hirayama, A Nagase, S Takemura, K Koyama, A Ohba, S Narita, M Cohen, BD
Citation: K. Aoyagi et al., Role of nitric oxide in the synthesis of guanidinosuccinic acid, an activator of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor, KIDNEY INT, 59, 2001, pp. S93-S96

Authors: Inoue, H Yamaguchi, H Iwamatsu, S Uozaki, T Suzuki, T Akasaka, T Nagase, S Murata, S
Citation: H. Inoue et al., Photooxygenative partial ring cleavage of bis(fulleroid): synthesis of a novel fullerene derivative with a 12-membered ring, TETRAHEDR L, 42(5), 2001, pp. 895-897

Authors: Iyoda, M Nakao, K Kondo, T Kuwatani, Y Yoshida, M Matsuyama, H Fukami, K Nagase, S
Citation: M. Iyoda et al., [6.6](1,8)naphthalenophane containing 2,2 '-bithienyl-5,5 '-ylene bridges, TETRAHEDR L, 42(39), 2001, pp. 6869-6872

Authors: Yoshida, T Kuwatani, Y Hara, K Yoshida, M Matsuyama, H Iyoda, M Nagase, S
Citation: T. Yoshida et al., Copper(I), silver(I), and gold(I) complexes of all-Z-tribenzo[12] annulene, TETRAHEDR L, 42(1), 2001, pp. 53-56

Authors: Ueda, A Nagase, S Morito, N Yotsumoto, M Ohba, S Hasegawa, Y Narita, M Koyama, A
Citation: A. Ueda et al., Anaphylactoid reaction induced by low-molecular-weight heparin in a hemodialysis patient, NEPHRON, 87(1), 2001, pp. 93-94

Authors: Yanaka, K Kamezaki, T Fujita, K Kato, N Nagase, S Hirayama, A Asakawa, H Yamazaki, T Nose, T
Citation: K. Yanaka et al., Prevention of delayed cerebral vasospasm after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, DRUGS TODAY, 37(8), 2001, pp. 573-578

Authors: Akiba, KY Nadano, R Satoh, W Yamamoto, Y Nagase, S Ou, ZP Tan, XY Kadish, KM
Citation: Ky. Akiba et al., Synthesis, structure, electrochemistry, and spectroelectrochemistry of hypervalent Phosphorus(V) octaethylporphyrins and theoretical analysis of the nature of the PO bond in P(OEP)(CH2CH3)(O), INORG CHEM, 40(22), 2001, pp. 5553-5567

Authors: Yoshinaga, S Harada, N Araki, Y Kubo, H Nawata, H Hotokezaka, M Nishi, H Chijiiwa, Y Nagase, S
Citation: S. Yoshinaga et al., Chronic ischemic colonic lesion caused by phlebosclerosis: a case report, GASTROIN EN, 53(1), 2001, pp. 107-111

Authors: Hino, S Umishita, K Iwasaki, K Aoki, M Kobayashi, K Nagase, S Dennis, TJS Nakane, T Shinohara, H
Citation: S. Hino et al., Ultraviolet photoelectron spectra of metallofullerenes, two Ca@C-82 isomers, CHEM P LETT, 337(1-3), 2001, pp. 65-71

Authors: Kubozono, Y Takabayashi, Y Kashino, S Kondo, M Wakahara, T Akasaka, T Kobayashi, K Nagase, S Emura, S Yamamoto, K
Citation: Y. Kubozono et al., Structure of La-2@C-80 studied by La K-edge XAFS, CHEM P LETT, 335(3-4), 2001, pp. 163-169

Authors: Akasaka, T Maeda, Y Wakahara, T Mizushima, T Ando, W Walchli, M Suzuki, T Kobayashi, K Nagase, S Kako, M Nakadaira, Y Fujitsuka, M Ito, O Sasaki, Y Yamamoto, K Erata, T
Citation: T. Akasaka et al., A first photochemical bis-germylation of C-60 with digermirane, ORG LETT, 2(17), 2000, pp. 2671-2674

Authors: Iyoda, M Hara, K Kuwatani, Y Nagase, S
Citation: M. Iyoda et al., Helical tetrathiafulvalene oligomers. Synthesis and properties of bi-, ter-, and quatertetrathiafulvalenes, ORG LETT, 2(15), 2000, pp. 2217-2220

Authors: Wakita, K Tokitoh, N Okazaki, R Nagase, S
Citation: K. Wakita et al., Synthesis and properties of an overcrowded silabenzene stable at ambient temperature, ANGEW CHEM, 39(3), 2000, pp. 634-636

Authors: Yamashita, M Yamamoto, Y Akiba, K Nagase, S
Citation: M. Yamashita et al., Synthesis of a versatile tridentate anthracene ligand and its application for the synthesis of hypervalent pentacoordinate boron compounds (10-B-5), ANGEW CHEM, 39(22), 2000, pp. 4055-4058
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