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Authors: Mulser, P Cornolti, F Besuelle, E Schneider, R
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Authors: Mulser, P
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Authors: Hain, S Mulser, P
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Authors: Bauer, D Ceccherini, F Mulser, P Cornolti, F
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Authors: Mulser, P Bauer, D Hain, S Ruhl, H Cornolti, F
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Authors: Ceccherini, F Bauer, D Mulser, P
Citation: F. Ceccherini et al., Electron correlation versus stabilization of atoms in intense laser pulses, LASER PART, 18(3), 2000, pp. 449-454

Authors: Bauer, D Mulser, P Macchi, A Jarque, EC Salomaa, RRE
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Authors: Bauer, D Mulser, P
Citation: D. Bauer et P. Mulser, Exact held ionization rates in the barrier-suppression regime from numerical time-dependent Schrodinger-equation calculations, PHYS REV A, 59(1), 1999, pp. 569-577

Authors: Hain, S Mulser, P Cornolti, F Opower, H
Citation: S. Hain et al., Hydrodynamic models and schemes for fast ignition, LASER PART, 17(2), 1999, pp. 245-263

Authors: Ruhl, H Macchi, A Mulser, P Cornolti, F Hain, S
Citation: H. Ruhl et al., Collective dynamics and enhancement of absorption in deformed targets, PHYS REV L, 82(10), 1999, pp. 2095-2098

Authors: Bhattacharyya, B Mulser, P Sanyal, U
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Authors: Shivamoggi, BK Mulser, P
Citation: Bk. Shivamoggi et P. Mulser, Dielectric screening and stopping power of a test charge moving in a plasma, J PLASMA PH, 60, 1998, pp. 819-832
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