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Authors: Stolbovoi, V Montanarella, L Medvedev, V Smeyan, N Shishov, L Unguryan, V Dobrovol'skii, G Jamagne, M King, D Rozhkov, V Savin, I
Citation: V. Stolbovoi et al., Integration of data on the soils of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine into the soil geographic database of the European community, EURAS SOIL, 34(7), 2001, pp. 687-703

Authors: Zdruli, P Jones, RJA Montanarella, L
Citation: P. Zdruli et al., Use of soil and climate data to assess the risk of agricultural drought for policy support in Europe, AGRONOMIE, 21(1), 2001, pp. 45-56

Authors: Selli, E Baglio, D Montanarella, L Bidoglio, G
Citation: E. Selli et al., Role of humic acids in the TiO2-photocatalyzed degradation of tetrachloroethene in water, WATER RES, 33(8), 1999, pp. 1827-1836

Authors: Brenna, S Pampaluna, M Riparbelli, C Auteri, D Azimonti, G Bernardinelli, I Mammone, T Maroni, M Capri, E Trevisan, M Montanarella, L
Citation: S. Brenna et al., Supplying local authorities and farmers with an innovative tool to supporta sustainable agricultural production, HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE TO XENOBIOTICS, 1999, pp. 831-834
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