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Authors: Garcia-Montiel, DC Neill, C Melillo, J Thomas, S Steudler, PA Cerri, CC
Citation: Dc. Garcia-montiel et al., Soil phosphorus transformations following forest clearing for pasture in the Brazilian Amazon, SOIL SCI SO, 64(5), 2000, pp. 1792-1804

Authors: Schimel, D Melillo, J Tian, HQ McGuire, AD Kicklighter, D Kittel, T Rosenbloom, N Running, S Thornton, P Ojima, D Parton, W Kelly, R Sykes, M Neilson, R Rizzo, B
Citation: D. Schimel et al., Contribution of increasing CO2 and climate to carbon storage by ecosystemsin the United States, SCIENCE, 287(5460), 2000, pp. 2004-2006

Authors: Shaver, GR Canadell, J Chapin, FS Gurevitch, J Harte, J Henry, G Ineson, P Jonasson, S Melillo, J Pitelka, L Rustad, L
Citation: Gr. Shaver et al., Global warming and terrestrial ecosystems: A conceptual framework for analysis, BIOSCIENCE, 50(10), 2000, pp. 871-882

Authors: Prinn, R Jacoby, H Sokolov, A Wang, C Xiao, X Yang, Z Eckhaus, R Stone, P Ellerman, D Melillo, J Fitzmaurice, J Kicklighter, D Holian, G Liu, Y
Citation: R. Prinn et al., Integrated global system model for climate policy assessment: Feedbacks and sensitivity studies, CLIM CHANGE, 41(3-4), 1999, pp. 469-546

Authors: Lewis, DL Garrison, AW Wommack, KE Whittemore, A Steudler, P Melillo, J
Citation: Dl. Lewis et al., Influence of environmental changes on degradation of chiral pollutants in soils, NATURE, 401(6756), 1999, pp. 898-901

Authors: Reilly, J Prinn, R Harnisch, J Fitzmaurice, J Jacoby, H Kicklighter, D Melillo, J Stone, P Sokolov, A Wang, C
Citation: J. Reilly et al., Multi-gas assessment of the Kyoto Protocol, NATURE, 401(6753), 1999, pp. 549-555
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