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Authors: Pusch, CM Maurer, J Ramser, J Tomiuk, J Achatz, H Pesch, K Lichtner, P Apfelstedt-Sylla, E Jacobi, FK Berger, W Meindl, A Wissinger, B
Citation: Cm. Pusch et al., Complete form of X-linked congenital stationary night blindness: Refined mapping and evidence of genetic homogeneity, INT J MOL M, 7(2), 2001, pp. 155-161

Authors: Brandau, O Meindl, A Fassler, R Aszodi, A
Citation: O. Brandau et al., A novel gene, tendin, is strongly expressed in tendons and ligaments and shows high homology with chondromodulin-I, DEV DYNAM, 221(1), 2001, pp. 72-80

Authors: Ladanyi, M Lui, MY Antonescu, CR Krause-Boehm, A Meindl, A Argani, P Healey, JH Ueda, T Yoshikawa, H Meloni-Ehrig, A Sorensen, PHB Mertens, F Mandahl, N van den Berghe, H Sciot, R Dal Cin, P Bridge, J
Citation: M. Ladanyi et al., The der(17)t(X;17)(p11;q25) of human alveolar soft part sarcoma fuses the TFE3 transcription factor gene to ASPL, a novel gene at 17q25, ONCOGENE, 20(1), 2001, pp. 48-57

Authors: Rudolph, G Meindl, A Bechmann, M Schworm, HD Achatz, H Boergen, KP Kampik, A Berninger, T Meitinger, T
Citation: G. Rudolph et al., X-linked ocular albinism (Nettleship-falls): a novel 29-bp deletion in exon 1. Carrier detection by ophthalmic examination and DNA analysis, GR ARCH CL, 239(3), 2001, pp. 167-172

Authors: Atanassova, V Meindl, A Ring, C
Citation: V. Atanassova et al., Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcal enterotoxins in rawpork and uncooked smoked ham - a comparison of classical culturing detection and RFLP-PCR, INT J F MIC, 68(1-2), 2001, pp. 105-113

Authors: Matzdorff, A Meindl, A Pralle, H
Citation: A. Matzdorff et al., Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome in an adult, DEUT MED WO, 125(6), 2000, pp. 147-150

Authors: Pusch, CM Zeitz, C Brandau, O Pesch, K Achatz, H Feil, S Scharfe, C Maurer, J Jacobi, FK Pinckers, A Andreasson, S Hardcastle, A Wissinger, B Berger, W Meindl, A
Citation: Cm. Pusch et al., The complete form of X-linked congenital stationary night blindness is caused by mutations in a gene encoding a leucine-rich repeat protein, NAT GENET, 26(3), 2000, pp. 324-327

Authors: Vervoort, R Lennon, A Bird, AC Tulloch, B Axton, R Miano, MG Meindl, A Meitinger, T Ciccodicola, A Wright, AF
Citation: R. Vervoort et al., Mutational hot spot within a new RPGR exon in X-linked retinitis pigmentosa, NAT GENET, 25(4), 2000, pp. 462-466

Authors: Zemni, R Bienvenu, T Vinet, MC Sefiani, A Carrie, A Billuart, P McDonell, N Couvert, P Francis, F Chafey, P Fauchereau, F Friocourt, G des Portes, V Cardona, A Frints, S Meindl, A Brandau, O Ronce, N Moraine, C van Bokhoven, H Ropers, HH Sudbrak, R Kahn, A Fryns, JP Beldjord, R Chelly, J
Citation: R. Zemni et al., A new gene involved in X-linked mental retardation identified by analysis of an X;2 balanced translocation, NAT GENET, 24(2), 2000, pp. 167-170

Authors: Jacobi, FK Broghammer, M Pesch, K Zrenner, E Berger, W Meindl, A Pusch, CM
Citation: Fk. Jacobi et al., Physical mapping and exclusion of GPR34 as the causative gene for congenital stationary night blindness type 1, HUM GENET, 107(1), 2000, pp. 89-91

Authors: Strahm, B Rittweiler, K Duffner, U Brandau, O Orlowska-Volk, M Karajannis, MA zur Stadt, U Tiemann, M Reiter, A Brandis, M Meindl, A Niemeyer, CM
Citation: B. Strahm et al., Recurrent B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in two brothers with X-linked lymphoproliferative disease without evidence for Epstein-Barr virus infection, BR J HAEM, 108(2), 2000, pp. 377-382

Authors: Derry, JMJ Gormally, E Means, GD Zhao, W Meindl, A Kelley, RI Boyd, Y Herman, GE
Citation: Jmj. Derry et al., Mutations in a Delta(8)-Delta(7) sterol isomerase in the tattered mouse and X-linked dominant chondrodysplasia punctata, NAT GENET, 22(3), 1999, pp. 286-290

Authors: Brandau, O Schuster, V Weiss, M Hellebrand, H Fink, FM Kreczy, A Friedrich, W Strahm, B Niemeyer, C Belohradsky, BH Meindl, A
Citation: O. Brandau et al., Epstein-Barr virus-negative boys with non-Hodgkin lymphoma are mutated in the SH2D1A gene, as are patients with X-linked lymphoproliferative disease (XLP), HUM MOL GEN, 8(13), 1999, pp. 2407-2413

Authors: Schmutzler, RK Derakhshandeh-Peykar, P Freihoff, D Brandau, O Meindl, A
Citation: Rk. Schmutzler et al., Low incidence of germline and somatic alterations in the E-cadherin gene in lobular breast carcinoma, DIS MARKER, 15(1-3), 1999, pp. 123-123

Authors: Backe, J Hofferbert, S Skawran, B Dork, T Stuhrmann, M Karstens, JH Untch, M Meindl, A Burgemeister, R Chang-Claude, J Weber, BHF
Citation: J. Backe et al., Frequency of BRCA1 mutation 5382insC in German breast cancer patients, GYNECOL ONC, 72(3), 1999, pp. 402-406

Authors: Meindl, A Osterrieder, N
Citation: A. Meindl et N. Osterrieder, The equine herpesvirus 1 U(S)2 homolog encodes a nonessential membrane-associated virion component, J VIROLOGY, 73(4), 1999, pp. 3430-3437

Authors: Freihoff, D Kempe, A Beste, B Wappenschmidt, B Kreyer, E Hayashi, Y Meindl, A Krebs, D Wiestler, OD von Deimling, A Schmutzler, RK
Citation: D. Freihoff et al., Exclusion of a major role for the PTEN tumour-suppressor gene in breast carcinomas, BR J CANC, 79(5-6), 1999, pp. 754-758

Authors: Neubauer, A Meindl, A Osterrieder, N
Citation: A. Neubauer et al., Mutations within the US2 and glycoprotein B genes of the equine herpesvirus 1 vaccine strain RacH do not account for its attenuation, BERL MUN TI, 112(9), 1999, pp. 351-354

Authors: Klopstock, T Chahrokh-Zadeh, S Holinski-Feder, E Meindl, A Gasser, T Pongratz, D Muller-Felber, W
Citation: T. Klopstock et al., Markedly different course of Friedreich's ataxia in sib pairs with similarGAA repeat expansions in the frataxin gene, ACT NEUROP, 97(2), 1999, pp. 139-142
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