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Authors: Stolbovoi, V Montanarella, L Medvedev, V Smeyan, N Shishov, L Unguryan, V Dobrovol'skii, G Jamagne, M King, D Rozhkov, V Savin, I
Citation: V. Stolbovoi et al., Integration of data on the soils of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine into the soil geographic database of the European community, EURAS SOIL, 34(7), 2001, pp. 687-703

Authors: Tuan, A Yoon, M Medvedev, V Ono, Y Ma, Y Rogers, JW
Citation: A. Tuan et al., Interface control in the chemical vapor deposition of titanium dioxide on silicon(100), THIN SOL FI, 377, 2000, pp. 766-771

Authors: Kruse, N Voss, C Medvedev, V Bodenstein, C Hanon, D Boon, JP
Citation: N. Kruse et al., Dynamics of adsorbate islands with nanoscale resolution, J STAT PHYS, 101(1-2), 2000, pp. 621-629

Authors: Grundbacher, R Nishimoto, M Chin, TP Chen, YC Lai, R Yamauchi, D Schreyer, G Block, T Medvedev, V Streit, D
Citation: R. Grundbacher et al., InPHEMT's with 39% PAE and 162-mW output power at V-band, IEEE MICR G, 9(6), 1999, pp. 236-238

Authors: Pinkerton, TD Scovell, DL Johnson, AL Xia, B Medvedev, V Stuve, EM
Citation: Td. Pinkerton et al., Electric field effects in ionization of water-ice layers on platinum, LANGMUIR, 15(3), 1999, pp. 851-856
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