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Authors: Crossley, K Bennell, K Green, S McConnell, J
Citation: K. Crossley et al., A systematic review of physical interventions for patellofemoral pain syndrome, CLIN J SPOR, 11(2), 2001, pp. 103-110

Authors: Hanna, E Valdes, P McConnell, J
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Authors: Grzywacz, R Yu, CH Janas, Z Paul, SD Batchelder, JC Bingham, CR Ginter, TN Gross, CJ McConnell, J Lipoglavsek, M Piechaczek, A Radford, DC Ressler, JJ Rykaczewski, K Shergur, J Walters, WB Zganjar, EF Baktash, C Carpenter, MP Janssens, RVF Svensson, CE Waddington, JC Ward, D Dragulescu, E
Citation: R. Grzywacz et al., In-beam study of the N=Z nucleus As-66(33)33 using the decay tagging technique, NUCL PHYS A, 682, 2001, pp. 41C-47C

Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, New hope for sepsis treatment, LANCET, 2001, pp. 5-5

Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, European action on antimicrobial resistance, LANCET, 358(9295), 2001, pp. 1787-1787

Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, New hope for genital herpes treatment, LANCET, 357(9263), 2001, pp. 1185-1185

Authors: Rego, D Clarke, JT Ben Jaffel, L Ballester, GE Prange, R McConnell, J
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Authors: Cowan, SM Bennell, KL Hodges, PW Crossley, KM McConnell, J
Citation: Sm. Cowan et al., Delayed onset of electromyographic activity of vastus medialis obliquus relative to vastus lateralis in subjects with patellofemoral pain syndrome, ARCH PHYS M, 82(2), 2001, pp. 183-189

Authors: McConnell, J Quinn, JG
Citation: J. Mcconnell et Jg. Quinn, Interference in visual working memory, Q J EXP P-A, 53(1), 2000, pp. 53-67

Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, A free-for-all in New York, LANCET, 356(9225), 2000, pp. 227-227

Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, International congress hears of fatal amoebic infection, LANCET, 355(9213), 2000, pp. 1435-1435

Authors: Roehrborn, CG McConnell, J Bonilla, J Rosenblatt, S Hudson, PB Malek, GH Schellhammer, PF Bruskewitz, R Matsumoto, AM Harrison, LH Fuselier, HA Walsh, P Roy, J Andriole, G Resnick, M Waldstreicher, J
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Authors: Courtney, PA Crockard, AD Williamson, K McConnell, J Kennedy, RJ Bell, AL
Citation: Pa. Courtney et al., Lymphocyte apoptosis in systemic lupus erythematosus: relationships with Fas expression, serum soluble Fas and disease activity, LUPUS, 8(7), 1999, pp. 508-513

Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, BMJ introduces a fast track system for papers, BR MED J, 318(7186), 1999, pp. 808-808

Authors: Quinn, JG McConnell, J
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Authors: McConnell, J
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Authors: Morgan, LW McConnell, J
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Authors: del Campo, JG Shapira, D McConnell, J Gross, CJ Stracener, DW Madani, H Chavez, E Ortiz, ME
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Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, Reliability of McConnell's classification of patellar orientation in symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects - Invited commentary, J ORTHOP SP, 29(7), 1999, pp. 388-391

Authors: McConnell, J Child, M
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Authors: McConnell, J
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Authors: McConnell, J
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Authors: McConnell, J
Citation: J. Mcconnell, Enteroviruses succumb to new drug, LANCET, 354(9185), 1999, pp. 1185-1185
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