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Authors: Ogura, H Shimojyo, R Kage, H Matsuno, Y Mujumdar, AS
Citation: H. Ogura et al., Simulation of hydration/dehydration of CaO/Ca(OH)2 chemical heat pump reactor for cold/hot heat generation, DRY TECHNOL, 17(7-8), 1999, pp. 1579-1592

Authors: Masui, F Matsuno, Y Yokoyama, R Nakanishi, Y Hasegawa, T Kanai, Y Beppu, Y Hirohashi, S Fujii, K Shimoda, T
Citation: F. Masui et al., Synovial sarcoma, histologically mimicking primitive neuroectodermal tumor/Ewing's sarcoma at distant sites, JPN J CLIN, 29(9), 1999, pp. 438-441

Authors: Ando, K Matsuno, Y Kanai, Y Sakamoto, M Fujimoto, H Narabayashi, M Tobisu, K
Citation: K. Ando et al., Primary low-grade lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue of the urinary bladder: a case report with special reference to the use of ancillary diagnostic studies, JPN J CLIN, 29(12), 1999, pp. 636-639

Authors: Matsuno, Y Fujise, T Tomosawa, K Hirota, Y
Citation: Y. Matsuno et al., Demagnetizing factors of magnetic fluids, J MAGN MAGN, 201, 1999, pp. 110-112

Authors: Matsuno, Y Adachi, T Numa, N
Citation: Y. Matsuno et al., Application of graft copolymers using macromonomer method to two-componentpolyurethane coatings, PROG ORG C, 35(1-4), 1999, pp. 117-127

Authors: Matsuno, Y Yamashita, Y Takahashi, M Katabuchi, H Okamura, H Kitano, Y Shimamura, S
Citation: Y. Matsuno et al., Predicting the effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogue treatment on uterine leiomyomas based on MR imaging, ACT RADIOL, 40(6), 1999, pp. 656-662

Authors: Kaup, DJ Lakoba, TI Matsuno, Y
Citation: Dj. Kaup et al., Perturbation theory for the Benjamin-Ono equation, INVERSE PR, 15(1), 1999, pp. 215-240

Authors: Kage, H Dohzaki, M Ogura, H Matsuno, Y
Citation: H. Kage et al., Powder coating efficiency of small particles and their agglomeration in circulating fluidized bed, KOR J CHEM, 16(5), 1999, pp. 630-634

Authors: Kosakamoto, H Okada, S Ueno, H Okusaka, T Ikeda, M Tanaka, N Yoshimori, M Matsuno, Y
Citation: H. Kosakamoto et al., A case of pancreatic cancer achieving symptomatic improvement with systemic chemotherapy, HEP-GASTRO, 46(28), 1999, pp. 2621-2624

Authors: Kodama, K Yokose, T Takahashi, K Minami, H Nagai, K Matsuno, Y Nishiwaki, Y Ochiai, A
Citation: K. Kodama et al., Low-grade B-cell lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue in the lung: a report of a case with pleural dissemination, LUNG CANC, 24(3), 1999, pp. 175-178

Authors: Oi, T Shimizu, K Tayama, S Matsuno, Y Hosoe, M
Citation: T. Oi et al., Cubic antimonic acid as column-packing material for chromatographic lithium isotope separation, SEP SCI TEC, 34(5), 1999, pp. 805-816

Authors: Hasegawa, T Matsuno, Y Shimoda, T Hasegawa, F Sano, T Hirohashi, S
Citation: T. Hasegawa et al., Extrathoracic solitary fibrous tumors: Their histological variability and potentially aggressive behavior, HUMAN PATH, 30(12), 1999, pp. 1464-1473

Authors: Yamanaka, Y Fujieda, S Nagano, T Kaparang, FE Matsuno, Y
Citation: Y. Yamanaka et al., Measurement of directivity pattern of target strength of Japanese horse mackerel by split-beam echo sounder, NIP SUIS G, 65(3), 1999, pp. 414-418

Authors: Asamura, H Ando, M Matsuno, Y Shimosato, Y
Citation: H. Asamura et al., Histopathologic prognostic factors in resected adenocarcinomas - Is nuclear DNA content prognostic?, CHEST, 115(4), 1999, pp. 1018-1024

Authors: Osada, T Sakamoto, M Nagawa, H Yamamoto, J Matsuno, Y Iwamatsu, A Muto, T Hirohashi, S
Citation: T. Osada et al., Acquisition of glutamine synthetase expression in human hepatocarcinogenesis - Relation to disease recurrence and possible regulation by ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis, CANCER, 85(4), 1999, pp. 819-831

Authors: Matsuno, Y
Citation: Y. Matsuno, Nonlinear modulation of periodic waves in the small dispersion limit of the Benjamin-Ono equation, PHYS REV E, 58(6), 1998, pp. 7934-7940

Authors: Torashima, M Yamashita, Y Matsuno, Y Takahashi, M Nakahara, K Onitsuka, Y Ohtake, H Tanaka, N Okamura, H
Citation: M. Torashima et al., The value of detection of flow voids between the uterus and the leiomyoma with MRI, J MAGN R I, 8(2), 1998, pp. 427-431

Authors: Kato, K Murai, I Asai, S Takahashi, Y Matsuno, Y Komuro, S Kurosaka, H Iwasaki, A Ishikawa, K Arakawa, Y
Citation: K. Kato et al., Central nervous system action of melatonin on gastric acid and pepsin secretion in pylorus-ligated rats, NEUROREPORT, 9(17), 1998, pp. 3989-3992

Authors: Kato, K Murai, I Asai, S Matsuno, Y Komuro, S Kaneda, N Iwasaki, A Ishikawa, K Nakagawa, S Arakawa, Y Kuwayama, H
Citation: K. Kato et al., Protective role of melatonin and the pineal gland in modulating water immersion restraint stress ulcer in rats, J CLIN GAST, 27, 1998, pp. S110-S115

Authors: Fujieda, S Inamoto, T Yamanaka, Y Matsuno, Y
Citation: S. Fujieda et al., Interference of underwater noise emitted by cruising vessel, NIP SUIS G, 64(1), 1998, pp. 48-55
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