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Authors: Asano, H Osugi, M Kohara, Y Higashida, D Matsui, M
Citation: H. Asano et al., Room-temperature magnetic and magneto-optical properties of Sr2FeMoO6 thinfilms, JPN J A P 1, 40(8), 2001, pp. 4883-4885

Authors: Tsuge, T Inagaki, N Yoshizumi, T Shimada, H Kawamoto, T Matsuki, R Yamamoto, N Matsui, M
Citation: T. Tsuge et al., Phytochrome-mediated control of COP1 gene expression in rice plants, MOL GENET G, 265(1), 2001, pp. 43-50

Authors: Kim, JJ Funabiki, K Muramatsu, H Shibata, K Kim, SH Shiozaki, H Hartmann, H Matsui, M
Citation: Jj. Kim et al., Synthesis, structure, and UV-VIS absorption spectra of azo dyes derived from (dialkylamino)thiazole dimers, J CHEM S P2, (3), 2001, pp. 379-387

Authors: Funabiki, K Isomura, A Yamaguchi, Y Hashimoto, W Matsunaga, K Shibata, K Matsui, M
Citation: K. Funabiki et al., Efficient and convenient entry to beta-hydroxy-beta-trifluoromethyl-beta-substituted ketones and 2,6-disubstituted 4-trifluoromethylpyridines based on the reaction of trifluoromethyl ketones with enamines or imines, J CHEM S P1, (20), 2001, pp. 2578-2582

Authors: Kimura, M Yoshizumi, T Manabe, K Yamamoto, YY Matsui, M
Citation: M. Kimura et al., Arabidopsis transcriptional regulation by light stress via hydrogen peroxide-dependent and -independent pathways, GENES CELLS, 6(7), 2001, pp. 607-617

Authors: Ohmori, K Sakamoto, M Asano, H Matsui, M
Citation: K. Ohmori et al., Structure and superconductivity of high pressure synthesized Sr-Ca-Cu-O system, MATER TRANS, 42(9), 2001, pp. 1890-1892

Authors: Li, L Kida, A Ohnishi, M Koike, K Matsui, M
Citation: L. Li et al., Effect of adsorbed oxygen on initial growth of Fe on Cu(111), MATER TRANS, 42(6), 2001, pp. 1056-1059

Authors: Shankar, PC Ito, S Kato, M Matsui, M Kodaira, R Hayashida, N Okazaki, M
Citation: Pc. Shankar et al., Analysis of Tag1-like elements in Arabidopsis thaliana and their distribution in other plants, DNA RES, 8(3), 2001, pp. 107-113

Authors: Aso, M Suzuki, M Kawasaki, Y Matsui, M Hagino, H Kurokawa, K Seto, H Kurachi, M
Citation: M. Aso et al., Sylvian fissure and medial temporal lobe structures in patients with schizophrenia: A magnetic resonance imaging study, PSY CLIN N, 55(1), 2001, pp. 49-56

Authors: Matsui, M Nishikawa, K Tanabe, S Misawa, Y
Citation: M. Matsui et al., Systematic status of Hynobius tokyoensis (Amphibia : urodela) from Aichi Prefecture, Japan: a biochemical survey, COMP BIOC B, 130(2), 2001, pp. 181-189

Authors: Matsuzawa, J Matsui, M Konishi, T Noguchi, K Gur, RC Bilker, W Miyawaki, T
Citation: J. Matsuzawa et al., Age-related volumetric changes of brain gray and white matter in healthy infants and children, CEREB CORT, 11(4), 2001, pp. 335-342

Authors: Okamoto, H Matsui, M Deng, XW
Citation: H. Okamoto et al., Overexpression of the heterotrimeric G-protein alpha-subunit enhances phytochrome-mediated inhibition of hypocotyl elongation in Arabidopsis, PL CELL, 13(7), 2001, pp. 1639-1651

Authors: Yamamoto, YY Deng, XW Matsui, M
Citation: Yy. Yamamoto et al., CIP4, a new COP1 target, is a nucleus-localized positive regulator of arabidopsis photomorphogenesis, PL CELL, 13(2), 2001, pp. 399-411

Authors: Shinoda, T Kobayashi, J Matsui, M Chinzei, Y
Citation: T. Shinoda et al., Cloning and functional expression of a chitinase cDNA from the common cutworm, Spodoptera litura, using a recombinant baculovirus lacking the virus-encoded chitinase gene, INSEC BIO M, 31(6-7), 2001, pp. 521-532

Authors: Machida, S Matsui, M Tanoue, T Hayasaka, I Akatsuka, T
Citation: S. Machida et al., New chimpanzee MHC class I alleles cloned by polymerase chain reaction, EUR J IMM, 28(3), 2001, pp. 435-438

Authors: Nakazawa, M Yabe, N Ichikawa, T Yamamoto, YY Yoshizumi, T Hasunuma, K Matsui, M
Citation: M. Nakazawa et al., DFL1, an auxin-responsive GH3 gene homologue, negatively regulates shoot cell elongation and lateral root formation, and positively regulates the light response of hypocotyl length, PLANT J, 25(2), 2001, pp. 213-221

Authors: Matsui, M Kiyozumi, Y Yamamoto, T Mizushina, Y Mizukami, F Sakaguchi, K
Citation: M. Matsui et al., Selective adsorption of biopolymers on zeolites, CHEM-EUR J, 7(7), 2001, pp. 1555-1560

Authors: Funabiki, K Fukushima, Y Sugiyama, T Shibata, K Matsui, M
Citation: K. Funabiki et al., Novel entry to aryl alpha-fluoromethyl ketones via sodium hydroxide-induced hydrolysis of fluorinated enol tosylates, SYNLETT, (8), 2001, pp. 1308-1310

Authors: Aioi, A Okuda, M Matsui, M Tonogaito, H Hamada, K
Citation: A. Aioi et al., Effect of high population density environment on skin barrier function in mice, J DERMA SCI, 25(3), 2001, pp. 189-197

Authors: Matsui, M Miyamoto, T Nariki, S Sakai, N Murakami, M
Citation: M. Matsui et al., Fabrication of large-grain Nd-Ba-Cu-O superconductor, PHYSICA C, 357, 2001, pp. 694-696

Authors: Matsui, M Sakai, N Nariki, S Murakami, M
Citation: M. Matsui et al., Effect of ZrO2BaZrO3 addition on the microstructure and superconducting properties of melt processed NdBa2Cu3O7-delta, PHYSICA C, 357, 2001, pp. 697-701

Authors: Matsui, M Uehara, S Ma, JS
Citation: M. Matsui et al., Performance evaluation of flexible manufacturing systems with finite localbuffers: Fixed and dynamic routings, INT J FLEX, 13(4), 2001, pp. 405-424

Authors: Kubota, I Matsui, M Ito, H Saito, M Yokoyama, K Yasumura, S Tomoike, H
Citation: I. Kubota et al., Long-term prognosis after recovery from myocardial infarction: A community-based survey in Yamagata, Japan, INTERN MED, 40(7), 2001, pp. 589-593

Authors: Matsui, M Tabuchi, M Watanabe, T Kubo, K Kinugawa, J Abe, F
Citation: M. Matsui et al., Degradation of creep strength in welded joint of 9%Cr steel, ISIJ INT, 41, 2001, pp. S126-S130

Authors: Matsui, M
Citation: M. Matsui, Thermal stability of Au thin film deposited on Al2O3 substrate with RuO2 adhesion layer, J CERAM S J, 109(6), 2001, pp. 574-575
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