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Authors: He, WD Cik, M Lesage, A Van der Linden, I De Kimpe, N Appendino, G Bracke, J Mathenge, SG Mudida, FP Leysen, JE Van Puyvelde, L
Citation: Wd. He et al., Kirkinine, a new daphnane orthoester with potent neurotrophic activity from Synaptolepis kirkii, J NAT PROD, 63(9), 2000, pp. 1185-1187

Authors: Kato, A Miura, T Nishiyama, Y Tachibana, Y Ohnishi, Y Mathenge, SG Albert, R
Citation: A. Kato et al., A comparative study of Embelia schiperi and Embelia keniensis on blood glucose and triglycerides in normal and epinephrine-induced hyperglycemic mice, AM J CHIN M, 27(3-4), 1999, pp. 365-370

Authors: Nishiyama, Y Moriyasu, M Ichimaru, M Kato, A Mathenge, SG Nganga, JN Juma, FD
Citation: Y. Nishiyama et al., Absolute configurations of two acyclic triterpenoids from Ekebergia capensis, PHYTOCHEM, 52(8), 1999, pp. 1593-1596
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