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Authors: Martin, PG
Citation: Pg. Martin, Temperature, pressure, flow, profit, INTECH, 48(2), 2001, pp. 84-84

Authors: Mandy, ME Rothwell, TA Martin, PG
Citation: Me. Mandy et al., A restricted dimensionality quasiclassical trajectory study of H-2(v,0)+H-2(v ',0), J CHEM PHYS, 114(24), 2001, pp. 10780-10790

Authors: Kerton, CR Martin, PG Johnstone, D Ballantyne, DR
Citation: Cr. Kerton et al., A submillimeter view of star formation near the HII region KR 140, ASTROPHYS J, 552(2), 2001, pp. 601-613

Authors: Kerton, CR Martin, PG
Citation: Cr. Kerton et Pg. Martin, A fast technique for the creation of large-scale high-resolution IRAS (HIRES) beam-matched images, PUB AST S P, 113(785), 2001, pp. 872-881

Authors: Airey, CM Williams, DRR Martin, PG Bennett, CMT Spoor, PA
Citation: Cm. Airey et al., Hypoglycaemia induced by exogenous insulin - 'human' and animal insulin compared, DIABET MED, 17(6), 2000, pp. 416-432

Authors: Sukhu, K Martin, PG Cross, L Keeling, DM Giangrande, PLF
Citation: K. Sukhu et al., Evaluation of the von Willebrand factor antigen (vWF-Ag) assay using an immuno-turbidimetric method (STA Liatest (R) vWF) automated on the MDA (R)-180 coagulometer, CLIN LAB H, 22(1), 2000, pp. 29-32

Authors: Conran, JG Wood, GM Martin, PG Dowd, JM Quinn, CJ Gadek, PA Price, RA
Citation: Jg. Conran et al., Generic relationships within and between the gymnosperm families Podocarpaceae and Phyllocladaceae based on an analysis of the chloroplast gene rbcL, AUST J BOT, 48(6), 2000, pp. 715-724

Authors: Baldwin, JA Verner, EM Verner, DA Ferland, GJ Martin, PG Korista, KT Rubin, RH
Citation: Ja. Baldwin et al., High-resolution spectroscopy of faint emission lines in the Orion Nebula, ASTROPH J S, 129(1), 2000, pp. 229-246

Authors: Kerton, CR Martin, PG
Citation: Cr. Kerton et Pg. Martin, A Mid-Infrared Galaxy Atlas (MIGA), ASTROPH J S, 126(1), 2000, pp. 85-103

Authors: Avent, ND Finning, KM Martin, PG Soothill, PW
Citation: Nd. Avent et al., Prenatal determination of fetal blood group status, VOX SANGUIN, 78, 2000, pp. 155-162

Authors: Singleton, BK Green, CA Avent, ND Martin, PG Smart, E Daka, A Narter-Olaga, EG Hawthorne, LM Daniels, G
Citation: Bk. Singleton et al., The presence of an RHD pseudogene containing a 37 base pair duplication and a nonsense mutation in Africans with the Rh D-negative blood group phenotype, BLOOD, 95(1), 2000, pp. 12-18

Authors: Verner, EM Verner, DA Baldwin, JA Ferland, GJ Martin, PG
Citation: Em. Verner et al., Continuum pumping of [Fe II] in the Orion Nebula, ASTROPHYS J, 543(2), 2000, pp. 831-839

Authors: Ballantyne, DR Kerton, CR Martin, PG
Citation: Dr. Ballantyne et al., The HII region KR 140: Spontaneous formation of a high-mass star, ASTROPHYS J, 539(1), 2000, pp. 283-299

Authors: Ballantyne, DR Ferland, GJ Martin, PG
Citation: Dr. Ballantyne et al., The primordial helium abundance: Toward understanding and removing the cosmic scatter in the dY/dZ relation, ASTROPHYS J, 536(2), 2000, pp. 773-777

Authors: van Hoof, PAM Van de Steene, GC Beintema, DA Martin, PG Pottasch, SR
Citation: Pam. Van Hoof et al., Properties of dust grains in planetary nebulae. I. The ionized region of NGC 6445, ASTROPHYS J, 532(1), 2000, pp. 384-399

Authors: Buchanan, CR Gemmill, AJT Martin, PG
Citation: Cr. Buchanan et al., Interaction of missile propulsion and aerodynamics, AERONAUT J, 104(1036), 2000, pp. 271-277

Authors: Martin, PG Crandall, JR Pilkey, WD
Citation: Pg. Martin et al., Injury trends of passenger car drivers in frontal crashes in the USA, ACC ANAL PR, 32(4), 2000, pp. 541-557

Authors: Martin, PG Sukhu, K Chambers, E Giangrande, PLF
Citation: Pg. Martin et al., Evaluation of a novel ELISA screening test for detection of factor VIII inhibitory antibodies in haemophiliacs, CLIN LAB H, 21(2), 1999, pp. 125-128

Authors: Mandy, ME Martin, PG
Citation: Me. Mandy et Pg. Martin, State-to-state rate coefficients for H+H-2, J CHEM PHYS, 110(16), 1999, pp. 7811-7820

Authors: Basu, S Johnstone, D Martin, PG
Citation: S. Basu et al., Dynamical evolution and ionization structure of an expanding superbubble: Application to W4, ASTROPHYS J, 516(2), 1999, pp. 843-862

Authors: Martin, PG Clayton, GC Wolff, MJ
Citation: Pg. Martin et al., Ultraviolet interstellar linear polarization. V. Analysis of the final data set, ASTROPHYS J, 510(2), 1999, pp. 905-914

Authors: Armour, MH Ballantyne, DR Ferland, GJ Karr, J Martin, PG
Citation: Mh. Armour et al., Emission-line helium abundances in highly obscured nebulae, PUB AST S P, 111(764), 1999, pp. 1251-1257

Authors: Kerton, CR Ballantyne, DR Martin, PG
Citation: Cr. Kerton et al., Classification of O stars in the yellow-green: The exciting star VES 735, ASTRONOM J, 117(5), 1999, pp. 2485-2493

Authors: Martin, PG Hall, GW Crandall, JR Pilkey, WD
Citation: Pg. Martin et al., Measuring the acceleration of a rigid body, SHOCK VIB, 5(4), 1998, pp. 211-224

Authors: O'Brien, PT Dietrich, M Leighly, K Alloin, D Clavel, J Crenshaw, DM Horne, K Kriss, GA Krolik, JH Malkan, MA Netzer, H Peterson, BM Reichert, GA Rodriguez-Pascual, PM Wamsteker, W Anderson, KSJ Bochkarev, NG Cheng, FZ Filippenko, AV Gaskell, CM George, IM Goad, MR Ho, LC Kaspi, S Kollatschny, W Korista, KT MacAlpine, G Marlow, D Martin, PG Morris, SL Pogge, RW Qian, BC Recondo-Gonzalez, MC Espinosa, JMR Santos-Lleo, M Shapovalova, AI Shull, JM Stirpe, GM Sun, WH Turner, TJ Vio, R Wagner, S Wanders, I Wills, KA Wu, H Xue, SJ Zou, ZL
Citation: Pt. O'Brien et al., Steps toward determination of the size and structure of the broad-line region in active galactic nuclei. XIII. Ultraviolet observations of the broad-line radio galaxy 3C 390.3, ASTROPHYS J, 509(1), 1998, pp. 163-176
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