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Authors: Lurie, N
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Authors: Lurie, N
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Authors: Kersey, MA Beran, MS McGovern, PG Biros, MH Lurie, N
Citation: Ma. Kersey et al., The prevalence and effects of hunger in an emergency department-patient population, ACAD EM MED, 6(11), 1999, pp. 1109-1114

Authors: Friedman, CP Corn, M Frisse, M Hales, JW Hoffman, H Lehmann, H Rathe, R Salas, AA Moore, G Harris, J Henry, R Leach, D LaForce, FM Lurie, N Rosenfield, A Rubenstein, S Ruffin, A
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Authors: Liu, CF Manning, WG Christianson, JB Stoner, T Lurie, N Gray, DZ Popkin, M
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Authors: Clancy, CM Lurie, N
Citation: Cm. Clancy et N. Lurie, Concluding thoughts - Looking forward, J GEN INT M, 14, 1999, pp. S63-S64

Authors: Bauer, EJ Lurie, N Yeh, C Grant, EN
Citation: Ej. Bauer et al., Screening for asthma in an inner-city elementary school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, J SCH HEALT, 69(1), 1999, pp. 12-16

Authors: Slater, JS Ha, CN Malone, ME McGovern, P Madigan, SD Finnegan, JR Casey-Paal, AL Margolis, KL Lurie, N
Citation: Js. Slater et al., A randomized community trial to increase mammography utilization among low-income women living in public housing, PREV MED, 27(6), 1998, pp. 862-870
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