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Authors: Miranda-Vizuete, A Ljung, J Damdimopoulos, AE Gustafsson, JA Oko, R Pelto-Huikko, M Spyrou, G
Citation: A. Miranda-vizuete et al., Characterization of Sptrx, a novel member of the thioredoxin family specifically expressed in human spermatozoa, J BIOL CHEM, 276(34), 2001, pp. 31567-31574

Authors: Lundberg, M Johansson, C Chandra, J Enoksson, M Jacobsson, G Ljung, J Johansson, M Holmgren, A
Citation: M. Lundberg et al., Cloning and expression of a novel human glutaredoxin (Grx2) with mitochondrial and nuclear isoforms, J BIOL CHEM, 276(28), 2001, pp. 26269-26275

Authors: Koivunen, P Pirneskoski, A Karvonen, P Ljung, J Helaakoski, T Notbohm, H Kivirikko, KI
Citation: P. Koivunen et al., The acidic C-terminal domain of protein disulfide isomerase is not critical for the enzyme subunit function or for the chaperone or disulfide isomerase activities of the polypeptide, EMBO J, 18(1), 1999, pp. 65-74
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