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Authors: Li, YL Wang, YX Deng, AL
Citation: Yl. Li et al., Paleoclimate record and paleohydrogeological analysis of travertine from the Niangziguan Karst Springs, northern China, SCI CHINA E, 44, 2001, pp. 114-118

Authors: Zhang, Z Li, WDZ Li, YL
Citation: Z. Zhang et al., Novel approach for the stereocontrolled construction of eudesmane skeleton: A concise synthesis of (+/-)-balanitol, ORG LETT, 3(16), 2001, pp. 2555-2557

Authors: Pullman, DP Tsekouras, AA Li, YL Yang, JJ Tate, MR Gosalvez, DB Laughlin, KB Schulberg, MT Ceyer, ST
Citation: Dp. Pullman et al., Reactivity of fluorinated Si(100) with F-2, J PHYS CH B, 105(2), 2001, pp. 486-496

Authors: Zheng, YF Fu, B Li, YL Wei, CS Zhou, JB
Citation: Yf. Zheng et al., Oxygen isotope composition of granulites from Dabieshan in eastern China and its implications for geodynamics of Yangtze plate subduction, PHYS CH P A, 26(9-10), 2001, pp. 673-684

Authors: Li, YL Zheng, YF Fu, B Zhou, JB Wei, CS
Citation: Yl. Li et al., Oxygen isotope composition of quartz-vein in ultrahigh-pressure eclogite from Dabieshan and implications for transport of high-pressure metamorphic fluid, PHYS CH P A, 26(9-10), 2001, pp. 695-704

Authors: Dunn, J Osterheld, AL Nilsen, J Hunter, JR Li, YL Faenov, AY Pikuz, TA Shlyaptsev, VN
Citation: J. Dunn et al., Saturated output tabletop X-ray lasers, J PHYS IV, 11(PR2), 2001, pp. 19-26

Authors: Nilsen, J Li, YL Dunn, J Barbee, TW Osterheld, AL
Citation: J. Nilsen et al., Modeling and demonstration of a saturated Ni-like Mo X-ray laser, J PHYS IV, 11(PR2), 2001, pp. 67-73

Authors: Xu, CM Xi, B Li, YL Wang, C Wang, S Shi, ZQ Fang, HJ Xiao, SX Zhu, DB
Citation: Cm. Xu et al., The self-assembly of [60] fullerene-substituted 2,2 '-bipyridine on the surface of Au(111) and Au nanoparticles, NEW J CHEM, 25(9), 2001, pp. 1191-1194

Authors: Shi, ZQ Jin, J Li, YL Guo, ZX Wang, S Jiang, L Zhu, DB
Citation: Zq. Shi et al., C-60 based nanoparticles: self-assembly of a novel fullerene derivative, NEW J CHEM, 25(5), 2001, pp. 670-672

Authors: Li, YL Leung, KH Phillips, DL
Citation: Yl. Li et al., Time-resolved resonance Raman study of the reaction of isodiiodiythane with cyclohexene: Implications for the mechanism of photocyclopropanation of olefins using ultraviolet photolysis of diiodomethane, J PHYS CH A, 105(46), 2001, pp. 10621-10625

Authors: Li, YL Li, HM Dimasi, N McCormick, JK Martin, R Schuck, P Schlievert, PM Mariuzza, RA
Citation: Yl. Li et al., Crystal structure of a superantigen bound to the high-affinity, zinc-dependent site on MHC class II, IMMUNITY, 14(1), 2001, pp. 93-103

Authors: Ge, ZX Li, YL Sun, N Wang, S Zhu, DB
Citation: Zx. Ge et al., Synthesis and fluorescence properties of a novel supramolecular complex containing [60]fullerene moiety, SUPRAMOL CH, 12(4), 2001, pp. 451-455

Authors: Kanakaraj, P Migone, TS Nardelli, B Ullrich, S Li, YL Olsen, HS Salcedo, TW Kaufman, T Cochrane, E Gan, YX Hilbert, DM Giri, J
Citation: P. Kanakaraj et al., BLyS binds to B cells with high affinity and induces activation of the transcription factors NF-kappa B and ELF-1, CYTOKINE, 13(1), 2001, pp. 25-31

Authors: Yang, YL Bai, FL Lin, HZ Zheng, M Zhang, YP Li, YL Sun, J LIu, Y Zhu, DB
Citation: Yl. Yang et al., Direct evidence of photoinduced charge transfer from alternating copolymerto Buckminsterfullerene, MACRO CH P, 202(9), 2001, pp. 1824-1828

Authors: Xiao, SX Wang, S Fang, HJ Li, YL Shi, ZQ Du, CM Zhu, DB
Citation: Sx. Xiao et al., Synthesis and characterization of a novel class of PPV derivatives covalently linked to C-60, MACRO RAPID, 22(16), 2001, pp. 1313-1318

Authors: Zhang, TH Wu, YG Sang, HB Li, YL Zhou, G
Citation: Th. Zhang et al., Fractal pattern growth of metal atom clusters in ion implanted polymers, CHIN PHYS, 10(4), 2001, pp. 295-299

Authors: Chen, XP Xue, YL Li, XJ Zhang, ZY Li, YL Huang, ZQ
Citation: Xp. Chen et al., Experimental research on TECA-I bioartificial liver support system to treat canines with acute liver failure, WORLD J GAS, 7(5), 2001, pp. 706-709

Authors: Li, YL Zheng, YF Fu, B
Citation: Yl. Li et al., An oxygen isotope study of quartz veins within eclogites from the Dabie terrane, SCI CHINA D, 44(7), 2001, pp. 621-634

Authors: Shi, ZQ Li, YL Wang, S Fang, HJ Zhu, DB
Citation: Zq. Shi et al., Synthesis and antioxidative properties of polyphenol-fullerenes, CHIN SCI B, 46(21), 2001, pp. 1790-1792

Authors: Du, CM Xu, JH Li, YL Xu, W Zhu, DB
Citation: Cm. Du et al., Influence of organic acids on UV-Vis spectra of pyrrolidino[60]fullerene derivatives, CHIN SCI B, 46(14), 2001, pp. 1156-1159

Authors: Qu, SL Song, YL Du, CM Wang, YX Gao, YC Liu, ST Li, YL Zhu, DB
Citation: Sl. Qu et al., Optical nonlinearities in two novel nanocomposites based on fullerene C-60structured system with gold nanoparticles, ACT PHY C E, 50(9), 2001, pp. 1703-1708

Authors: Li, YL Zhang, GW Wang, CS Li, SZ Fang, WX Yi, HS
Citation: Yl. Li et al., Characteristics and implication of the tectonic melanges in Mianxian-Lueyang area, Qinling orogenic belt., ACTA PETR S, 17(3), 2001, pp. 476-482

Authors: Pike, ACW Brzozowski, AM Walton, J Hubbard, RE Thorsell, AG Li, YL Gustafsson, JA Carlquist, M
Citation: Acw. Pike et al., Structural insights into the mode of action of a pure antiestrogen, STRUCTURE, 9(2), 2001, pp. 145-153

Authors: Setiawan, VW Zhang, ZF Yu, GP Lu, QY Li, YL Lu, ML Wang, MR Guo, CH Yu, SZ Kurtz, RC Hsieh, CC
Citation: Vw. Setiawan et al., GSTP1 polymorphisms and gastric cancer in a high-risk Chinese population, CANC CAUSE, 12(8), 2001, pp. 673-681

Authors: Zhang, Z Xiong, ZM Zheng, GJ Li, YL
Citation: Z. Zhang et al., First enantioselective total synthesis of glutinone and its C(7) and C(11)epimers, TETRAHEDR-A, 12(15), 2001, pp. 2137-2141
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