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Authors: Carozzi, TD Thide, B Leyser, TB Komrakov, G Frolov, V Grach, S Sergeev, E
Citation: Td. Carozzi et al., Full polarimetry measurements of stimulated electromagnetic emissions: First results, J GEO R-S P, 106(A10), 2001, pp. 21395-21407

Authors: Istomin, YN Leyser, TB
Citation: Yn. Istomin et Tb. Leyser, Diffraction of electromagnetic waves by small scale geomagnetic field-aligned density striations, PHYS PLASMA, 8(10), 2001, pp. 4577-4584

Authors: Sergienko, T Gustavsson, B Steen, A Brandstrom, U Rietveld, M Leyser, TB Honary, F
Citation: T. Sergienko et al., Analysis of excitation of the 630.0 nm airglow during a heating experimentin Tromso on February 16, 1999, PHYS CH P B, 25(5-6), 2000, pp. 531-535

Authors: Kosch, MJ Rietveld, MT Hagfors, T Leyser, TB
Citation: Mj. Kosch et al., High-latitude HF-induced airglow displaced equatorwards of the pump beam, GEOPHYS R L, 27(17), 2000, pp. 2817-2820

Authors: Ponomarenko, PV Leyser, TB Thide, B
Citation: Pv. Ponomarenko et al., New electron gyroharmonic effects in HF scatter from pump-excited magneticfield-aligned ionospheric irregularities, J GEO R-S P, 104(A5), 1999, pp. 10081-10087

Authors: Brandstrom, BUE Leyser, TB Steen, A Rietveld, MT Gustavsson, B Aso, T Ejiri, M
Citation: Bue. Brandstrom et al., Unambiguous evidence of HF pump-enhanced airglow at auroral latitudes, GEOPHYS R L, 26(23), 1999, pp. 3561-3564

Authors: Isham, B La Hoz, C Rietveld, MT Hagfors, T Leyser, TB
Citation: B. Isham et al., Cavitating Langmuir turbulence observed during high-latitude ionospheric wave interaction experiments, PHYS REV L, 83(13), 1999, pp. 2576-2579
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