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Authors: McIntyre, P Hull, B Lester, R
Citation: P. Mcintyre et al., In defence of the Australian childhood immunisation register, AUS NZ J PU, 25(4), 2001, pp. 380-380

Authors: Parisi, AV Wong, JCF Kimlin, MG Turnbull, D Lester, R
Citation: Av. Parisi et al., Comparison between seasons of the ultraviolet environment in the shade of trees in Australia, PHOTODERM P, 17(2), 2001, pp. 55-59

Authors: McIntyre, PB Burgess, MA Lester, R
Citation: Pb. Mcintyre et al., Immunisation in the age of the human genome, AUS NZ J PU, 24(4), 2000, pp. 351-352

Authors: Skinner, SR Imberger, A Nolan, T Lester, R Glover, S Bowes, G
Citation: Sr. Skinner et al., Randomised controlled trial of an educational strategy to increase school-based adolescent hepatitis B vaccination, AUS NZ J PU, 24(3), 2000, pp. 298-304

Authors: Lester, R
Citation: R. Lester, Culture: A problem that cannot be solved., AM ETHNOL, 27(3), 2000, pp. 760-762

Authors: Lester, R
Citation: R. Lester, Culture in mind: Cognition, culture, and the problem of meaning., AM ETHNOL, 27(3), 2000, pp. 760-762

Authors: Bond, L Nolan, T Lester, R
Citation: L. Bond et al., Immunisation uptake, services required and government incentives for usersof formal day care, AUS NZ J PU, 23(4), 1999, pp. 368-376

Authors: Lester, R
Citation: R. Lester, Stanley Kubrick - In-memoriam, POSITIF, (464), 1999, pp. 55

Authors: Duan, DS Sharma, P Dudus, L Zhang, YL Sanlioglu, S Yan, ZY Yue, YP Ye, YH Lester, R Yang, J Fisher, KJ Engelhardt, JF
Citation: Ds. Duan et al., Formation of adeno-associated virus circular genomes is differentially regulated by adenovirus E4 ORF6 and E2a gene expression, J VIROLOGY, 73(1), 1999, pp. 161-169

Authors: Combs, R Lester, R
Citation: R. Combs et R. Lester, 'Petulia' and friends (An interview with director Richard Lester), FILM COMM, 35(1), 1999, pp. 61-62

Authors: Little, JM Lester, R Kuipers, F Vonk, R Mackenzie, PI Drake, RR Frame, L Radominska-Pandya, A
Citation: Jm. Little et al., Variability of human hepatic UDP-glucuronosyltransferase activity, ACT BIOCH P, 46(2), 1999, pp. 351-363
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