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Authors: Lee, IS Kim, DH Kim, HE Jung, YC Han, CH
Citation: Is. Lee et al., Biological performance of calcium phosphate films formed on commercially pure Ti by electron-beam evaporation, BIOMATERIAL, 23(2), 2002, pp. 609-615

Authors: Yoon, JH Weiss, N Lee, KC Lee, IS Kang, KH Park, YH
Citation: Jh. Yoon et al., Jeotgalibacillus alimentarius gen. nov., sp nov., a novel bacterium isolated from jeotgal with L-lysine in the cell wall, and reclassification of Bacillus marinus Ruger 1983 as Marinibacillus marinus gen. nov., comb. nov., INT J SY EV, 51, 2001, pp. 2087-2093

Authors: Lee, DU Lee, IS Choi, YD Bae, JH
Citation: Du. Lee et al., Effects of external carbon source and empty bed contact time on simultaneous heterotrophic and sulfur-utilizing autotrophic denitrification, PROCESS BIO, 36(12), 2001, pp. 1215-1224

Authors: Lee, IS Shin, YK Chung, DH Park, SH
Citation: Is. Lee et al., LMP1-induced downregulation of CD99 molecules in Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells, LEUK LYMPH, 42(4), 2001, pp. 587

Authors: Suh, BC Lee, H Lee, IS Kim, KT
Citation: Bc. Suh et al., Modulation of H-2 histamine receptor-mediated cAMP generation and granulocytic differentiation by extracellular nucleotides via activation of proteinkinase C, J LEUK BIOL, 69(1), 2001, pp. 169-176

Authors: Lee, IS Kim, W Moon, YJ Lis, H
Citation: Is. Lee et al., Influence of aluminum salt addition on in situ sintering of electrolyte matrices for molten carbonate fuel cells, J POWER SOU, 101(1), 2001, pp. 90-95

Authors: Min, Y Ghebremeskel, K Crawford, MA Nam, JH Kim, A Lee, IS Suzuki, H
Citation: Y. Min et al., Maternal-fetal N-6 and N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids gradient in plasma and red cell phospholipids, INT J VIT N, 71(5), 2001, pp. 286-292

Authors: Choi, DS Lee, IS Son, SU Chung, YK
Citation: Ds. Choi et al., Synthesis of dimanganese ruthenium complexes from the reaction of ruthenium-coordinated thiophenes and selenophene with [(1-methylnaphthalene-)Mn(CO)(3)]BF4 and Cp2CO, ORGANOMETAL, 20(16), 2001, pp. 3617-3620

Authors: Paik, S Park, YH Suh, SI Kim, HS Lee, IS Park, MK Lee, CS Park, SH
Citation: S. Paik et al., Unusual cytotoxic phenethylamides from Xenorhabdus nematophilus, B KOR CHEM, 22(4), 2001, pp. 372-374

Authors: Joe, SM Lee, IS Lee, YT Lee, JH Choi, BT
Citation: Sm. Joe et al., Suppression of collagen-induced arthritis in rats by continuous administration of Dae-Bang-Poong-Tang (Da-Fang-Feng-Tang), AM J CHIN M, 29(2), 2001, pp. 355-365

Authors: Lee, IS Kim, DW
Citation: Is. Lee et Dw. Kim, Magnetic properties and domain patterns of CoCrPtTa perpendicular films with Ta content, THIN SOL FI, 388(1-2), 2001, pp. 245-250

Authors: Kim, AR Lee, IS Jun, JG
Citation: Ar. Kim et al., Transketalization and regioselective aldol condensation in bicyclic ketal system, SYN COMMUN, 31(6), 2001, pp. 853-859

Authors: Neerhof, MG Haney, EI Silver, RK Ashwood, ER Lee, IS Piazze, JJ
Citation: Mg. Neerhof et al., Lamellar body counts compared with traditional phospholipid analysis as anassay for evaluating fetal lung maturity, OBSTET GYN, 97(2), 2001, pp. 305-309

Authors: Neerhof, MG Dohnal, JC Ashwood, ER Lee, IS Anceschi, MM
Citation: Mg. Neerhof et al., Lamellar body counts: A consensus on protocol, OBSTET GYN, 97(2), 2001, pp. 318-320

Authors: Lee, BY Han, JW Heo, HM Lee, IS Chung, YK
Citation: By. Lee et al., Synthesis of titanium trichloride complexes of 1,2,3-trisubstituted cyclopentadienyls and their use in styrene polymerization, J ORGMET CH, 627(2), 2001, pp. 233-238

Authors: Sohn, HW Shin, YK Lee, IS Bae, YM Suh, YH Kim, MK Kim, TJ Jung, KC Park, WS Park, CS Chung, DH Ahn, K Kim, IS Ko, YH Bang, YJ Kim, CW Park, SH
Citation: Hw. Sohn et al., CD99 regulates the transport of MHC class I molecules from the Golgi complex to the cell surface, J IMMUNOL, 166(2), 2001, pp. 787-794

Authors: Kim, BH Bang, IS Lee, SY Hong, SK Bang, SH Lee, IS Park, YK
Citation: Bh. Kim et al., Expression of cspH, encoding the cold shock protein in Salmonella entericaserovar Typhimurium UK-1, J BACT, 183(19), 2001, pp. 5580-5588

Authors: Lee, IS Oh, SR Ahn, KS Lee, HK
Citation: Is. Lee et al., Semialactone, isofouquierone peroxide and fouquierone, three new dammaranetriterpenes from Rhus javanica, CHEM PHARM, 49(8), 2001, pp. 1024-1026

Authors: Lee, IS Kim, MK Choi, EY Mehl, A Jung, KC Gil, MC Rowe, M Park, SH
Citation: Is. Lee et al., CD99 expression is positively regulated by Sp1 and is negatively regulatedby Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 through nuclear factor-kappa B, BLOOD, 97(11), 2001, pp. 3596-3604

Authors: Lee, IS Chung, YK
Citation: Is. Lee et Yk. Chung, Crystalline inclusion compounds derived from 1,1 '-bis(ethenyl-2-pyridyl)ferrocene and (+/-)-1,1 '-bi-2-naphthol in different solvents, J INCL P MA, 38(1-4), 2000, pp. 297-304

Authors: An, KH Lee, IS
Citation: Kh. An et Is. Lee, Temperature field measurement around the room air conditioner using the LIF technique, JSME I J B, 43(4), 2000, pp. 622-627

Authors: Chung, DH Jung, KC Park, WS Lee, IS Choi, WJ Kim, CJ Park, SH Bae, Y
Citation: Dh. Chung et al., Costimulatory effect of Fas in mouse T lymphocytes, MOL CELLS, 10(6), 2000, pp. 642-646

Authors: Jung, E Won, HS Lee, PR Lee, IS Kim, A Nam, JH
Citation: E. Jung et al., The progression of mediastinal lymphangioma in utero, ULTRASOUN O, 16(7), 2000, pp. 663-666

Authors: Lee, E Kim, HJ Kang, EJ Lee, IS Chung, YK
Citation: E. Lee et al., Radical cyclization of beta-alkoxyacrylates: Synthesis of C-2-symmetric, L-shaped molecule with four fused tetrahydropyran rings, CHIRALITY, 12(5-6), 2000, pp. 360-361

Authors: Chung, SH Chu, WS Lee, HA Kim, YH Lee, IS Lindholm, B Lee, HB
Citation: Sh. Chung et al., Peritoneal transport characteristics, comorbid diseases and survival in CAPD patients, PERIT DIA I, 20(5), 2000, pp. 541-547
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