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Authors: De Guise, E Lassonde, M
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Authors: Lassonde, M
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Authors: Chicoine, AJ Proteau, L Lassonde, M
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Authors: Aussel, D Corvellec, JN Lassonde, M
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Authors: Bayard, S Lavoie, ME Stauder, JEA Lassonde, M
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Authors: de Guise, E Jambaque, I Dulac, O Lassonde, M
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Authors: de Guise, E del Pesce, M Foschi, N Quattrini, A Papo, I Lassonde, M
Citation: E. De Guise et al., Callosal and cortical contribution to procedural learning, BRAIN, 122, 1999, pp. 1049-1062
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