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Authors: Akehi, Y Yoshimatsu, H Kurokawa, M Sakata, T Eto, H Ito, S Ono, J
Citation: Y. Akehi et al., VLCD-induced weight loss improves heart rate variability in moderately obese Japanese, EXP BIOL ME, 226(5), 2001, pp. 440-445

Authors: Kurokawa, M Konishi, Y Nakaoka, M
Citation: M. Kurokawa et al., Evaluations of voltage-source soft-switching inverter with single auxiliary resonant snubber, IEE P-EL PO, 148(2), 2001, pp. 207-213

Authors: Kamiyama, H Kurimoto, M Yamamura, J Uwano, T Hirashima, Y Kurokawa, M Endo, S Shiraki, K
Citation: H. Kamiyama et al., Effect of immunity on gene delivery into anterior horn motor neurons by live attenuated herpes simplex virus vector, GENE THER, 8(15), 2001, pp. 1180-1187

Authors: Nawawi, A Nakamura, N Meselhy, MR Hattori, M Kurokawa, M Shiraki, K Kashiwaba, N Ono, M
Citation: A. Nawawi et al., In vivo antiviral activity of Stephania cepharantha against herpes simplexvirus Type-1, PHYTOTHER R, 15(6), 2001, pp. 497-500

Authors: Imai, Y Kurokawa, M Izutsu, K Hangaishi, A Maki, K Ogawa, S Chiba, S Mitani, K Hirai, H
Citation: Y. Imai et al., Mutations of the Smad4 gene in acute myelogeneous leukemia and their functional implications in leukemogenesis, ONCOGENE, 20(1), 2001, pp. 88-96

Authors: Bateman, N Abe, K Ball, G Buchmann, L Chow, J D'Auria, JM Fuchi, Y Iliadis, C Ishiyama, H Jackson, KP Karataglidis, S Kato, S Kubono, S Kumagai, K Kurokawa, M Liu, X Michimasa, S Strasser, P Tanaka, MH
Citation: N. Bateman et al., Measurement of the Mg-24(p,t)Mg-22 reaction and implications for the Na-21(p,gamma)Mg-22 stellar reaction rate - art. no. 035803, PHYS REV C, 6303(3), 2001, pp. 5803

Authors: Imai, N Aoi, N Kubono, S Beaumel, D Abe, K Kato, S Kubo, T Kumagai, K Kurokawa, M Liu, X Mengoni, A Michimasa, S Ohnuma, H Sakurai, H Strasser, P Teranishi, T Ishihara, M
Citation: N. Imai et al., Test of the ANC method via (d,p) reaction, NUCL PHYS A, 688(1-2), 2001, pp. 281C-284C

Authors: Iwasaki, H Motobayashi, T Sakurai, H Yoneda, K Gomi, T Aoi, N Fukuda, N Fulop, Z Futakami, U Gacsi, Z Higurashi, Y Imai, N Iwasa, N Kubo, T Kunibu, M Kurokawa, M Liu, Z Minemura, T Saito, A Serata, M Shimoura, S Takeuchi, S Watanabe, Y Yamada, K Yanagisawa, Y Ishihara, M
Citation: H. Iwasaki et al., Large collectivity of Mg-34, PHYS LETT B, 522(3-4), 2001, pp. 227-232

Authors: Takeuchi, S Shimoura, S Motobayashi, T Akiyoshi, H Ando, Y Aoi, N Fulop, Z Gomi, T Higurashi, Y Hirai, M Iwasa, N Iwasaki, H Iwata, Y Kobayashi, H Kurokawa, M Liu, Z Minemura, T Ozawa, S Sakurai, H Serata, A Teranishi, T Yamada, K Tanagisawa, T Ishihara, M
Citation: S. Takeuchi et al., Isobaric analog state of Be-14, PHYS LETT B, 515(3-4), 2001, pp. 255-260

Authors: Yoneda, K Sakurai, H Gomi, T Motobayashi, T Aoi, N Fukuda, N Futakami, U Gacsi, Z Higurashi, Y Imai, N Iwasa, N Iwasaki, H Kubo, T Kunibu, M Kurokawa, M Liu, Z Minemura, T Saito, A Serata, M Shimoura, S Takeuchi, S Watanabe, YX Yamada, K Yanagisawa, Y Yogo, K Yoshida, A Ishihara, M
Citation: K. Yoneda et al., Deformation of Mg-34 studied via in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy using radioactive-ion projectile fragmentation, PHYS LETT B, 499(3-4), 2001, pp. 233-237

Authors: Hirai, H Izutsu, K Kurokawa, M Mitani, K
Citation: H. Hirai et al., Oncogenic mechanisms of Evi-1 protein, CANC CHEMOT, 48, 2001, pp. S35-S40

Authors: Chiken, S Kuwasawa, K Kurokawa, M Ohsuga, K
Citation: S. Chiken et al., Amino acid-induced reflexes and their neural pathways in an opisthobranch mollusc Pleurobranchaea japonica, ZOOL SCI, 18(4), 2001, pp. 465-473

Authors: Shiraki, K Sato, H Yoshida, Y Yamamura, J Tsurita, M Kurokawa, M Kageyama, S
Citation: K. Shiraki et al., Construction of Oka varicella vaccine expressing human immunodeficiency virus env antigen, J MED VIROL, 64(2), 2001, pp. 89-95

Authors: Fukami, K Nakao, K Inoue, T Kataoka, Y Kurokawa, M Fissore, RA Nakamura, K Katsuki, M Mikoshiba, K Yoshida, N Takenawa, T
Citation: K. Fukami et al., Requirement of phospholipase C delta 4 for the zona pellucida-induced acrosome reaction, SCIENCE, 292(5518), 2001, pp. 920-923

Authors: Tsurita, M Kurokawa, M Imakita, M Fukuda, Y Watanabe, Y Shiraki, K
Citation: M. Tsurita et al., Early augmentation of interleukin (IL)-12 level in the airway of mice administered orally with clarithromycin or intranasally with IL-12 results in alleviation of influenza infection, J PHARM EXP, 298(1), 2001, pp. 362-368

Authors: Kurokawa, M Hozumi, T Tsurita, M Kadota, S Namba, T Shiraki, K
Citation: M. Kurokawa et al., Biological characterization of eugeniin as an anti-herpes simplex virus type 1 compound in vitro and in vivo, J PHARM EXP, 297(1), 2001, pp. 372-379

Authors: Kamiyama, T Kurokawa, M Shiraki, K
Citation: T. Kamiyama et al., Characterization of the DNA polymerase gene of varicella-zoster viruses resistant to acyclovir, J GEN VIROL, 82, 2001, pp. 2761-2765

Authors: Kurokawa, M Tong, J Matsui, T Masuko-Hongo, K Yabe, T Nishioka, K Yamamoto, K Kato, T
Citation: M. Kurokawa et al., Paired cloning of the T cell receptor alpha and beta genes from a single Tcell without the establishment of a T cell clone, CLIN EXP IM, 123(2), 2001, pp. 340-345

Authors: Kurokawa, M Amano, M Miyaguni, H Tateyama, S Ogata, K Idemori, M Setoyama, M
Citation: M. Kurokawa et al., Eccrine poromas in a patient with mycosis fungoides treated with electron beam therapy, BR J DERM, 145(5), 2001, pp. 830-833

Authors: Izutsu, K Kurokawa, M Imai, Y Maki, K Mitani, K Hirai, H
Citation: K. Izutsu et al., The corepressor CtBP interacts with Evi-1 to repress transforming growth factor beta signaling, BLOOD, 97(9), 2001, pp. 2815-2822

Authors: Kurokawa, M Ogata, K Idemori, M Tsumori, S Miyaguni, H Inoue, S Hotta, N
Citation: M. Kurokawa et al., Investigation of skin manifestations of arsenicism due to intake of arsenic-contaminated groundwater in residents of Samta, Jessore, Bangladesh, ARCH DERMAT, 137(1), 2001, pp. 102-103

Authors: Yamamura, J Kageyama, S Uwano, T Kurokawa, M Imakita, M Shiraki, K
Citation: J. Yamamura et al., Long-term gene expression in the anterior horn motor neurons after intramuscular inoculation of a live herpes simplex virus vector, GENE THER, 7(11), 2000, pp. 934-941

Authors: Kawazu, K Kurokawa, M Asano, K Mita, A Adachi, M
Citation: K. Kawazu et al., Suppressive activity of a macrolide antibiotic, roxithromycin on co-stimulatory molecule expression on mouse splenocytes in vivo, MEDIAT INFL, 9(1), 2000, pp. 39-43

Authors: Kageyama, S Kurokawa, M Shiraki, K
Citation: S. Kageyama et al., Extract of Prunella vulgaris spikes inhibits HIV replication at reverse transcription in vitro and can be absorbed from intestine in vivo, ANTIVIR CHE, 11(2), 2000, pp. 157-164

Authors: Kurokawa, M Uchiyama, Y
Citation: M. Kurokawa et Y. Uchiyama, Tribological properties of polyoxymethylene composites (Part 3) - Comparison with polypropylene, high density polyethylene and polycarbonate, J JPN SOC T, 45(2), 2000, pp. 174-181
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