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Authors: Shiraishi, J Katsuragawa, S Ikezoe, J Matsumoto, T Kobayashi, T Komatsu, K Matsui, M Fujita, H Kodera, Y Doi, K
Citation: J. Shiraishi et al., Development of a digital image database for chest radiographs with and without a lung nodule: Receiver operating characteristic analysis of radiologists' detection of pulmonary nodules, AM J ROENTG, 174(1), 2000, pp. 71-74

Authors: Sakata, Y Komatsu, K
Citation: Y. Sakata et K. Komatsu, Migration effect on semiconductor surface for narrow-stripe selective MOVPE, J ELEC MAT, 29(1), 2000, pp. 37-41

Authors: Sato, S Hanakawa, H Hasegawa, M Nagaoka, T Hamaguchi, Y Nishijima, C Komatsu, K Hirata, A Takehara, K
Citation: S. Sato et al., Levels of interleukin 12, a cytokine of type 1 helper T cells, are elevated in sera from patients with systemic sclerosis, J RHEUMATOL, 27(12), 2000, pp. 2838-2842

Authors: Takasaki, M Konoshima, T Komatsu, K Tokuda, H Nishino, H
Citation: M. Takasaki et al., Anti-tumor-promoting activity of lignans from the aerial part of Saussureamedusa, CANCER LETT, 158(1), 2000, pp. 53-59

Authors: Hama, S Matsuura, S Tauchi, H Sawada, J Kato, C Yamasaki, F Yoshioka, H Sugiyama, K Arita, K Kurisu, K Kamada, N Heike, Y Komatsu, K
Citation: S. Hama et al., Absence of mutations in the NBS1 gene in B-cell malignant lymphoma patients, ANTICANC R, 20(3B), 2000, pp. 1897-1900

Authors: Ito, S Komatsu, K Tsukamoto, K Sved, AF
Citation: S. Ito et al., Excitatory amino acids in the rostral ventrolateral medulla support blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats, HYPERTENSIO, 35(1), 2000, pp. 413-417

Authors: Cai, JN Basnet, P Wang, ZT Komatsu, K Xu, LS Tani, T
Citation: Jn. Cai et al., Coumarins from the fruits of Cnidium monnieri, J NAT PROD, 63(4), 2000, pp. 485-488

Authors: Ma, CM Nakamura, N Hattori, M Zhu, S Komatsu, K
Citation: Cm. Ma et al., Guaiane dimers and germacranolide from Artemisia caruifolia, J NAT PROD, 63(12), 2000, pp. 1626-1629

Authors: Ishikawa, S Ishikawa, M Tokuda, T Yoshida, K Wakui, K Matsuura, S Ohara, S Sekijima, Y Hidaka, E Fukushima, Y Shigeta, H Komatsu, K Ikeda, S
Citation: S. Ishikawa et al., Japanese family with an autosomal dominant chromosome instability syndrome: A new neurodegenerative disease?, AM J MED G, 94(4), 2000, pp. 265-270

Authors: Nanjo, H Qian, P Sanada, N Suzuki, TM Takahashi, H Ito, H Komatsu, K
Citation: H. Nanjo et al., Atomic-force microscope observation and molecular-scale flattening of the single-crystal surface of 4-dimethylamino-N-methyl-4-stilbazolium tosylate (DAST), OPTICS LETT, 25(15), 2000, pp. 1107-1109

Authors: Nakamura, H Komatsu, K Ayaki, M Kawamoto, S Murakami, M Uoshima, N Yagi, T Hasegawa, T Yasumi, M Karasuno, T Teshima, H Hiraoka, A Masaoka, T
Citation: H. Nakamura et al., Serum levels of soluble IL-2 receptor, IL-12, IL-18, and IFN-gamma in patients with acute graft-versus-best disease after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, J ALLERG CL, 106(1), 2000, pp. S45-S50

Authors: Komatsu, K Ito, K Nakajima, Y Kanamitsu, S Imaoka, S Funae, Y Green, CE Tyson, CA Shimada, N Sugiyama, Y
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Prediction of in vivo drug-drug interactions between tolbutamide and various sulfonamides in humans based on in vitro experiments, DRUG META D, 28(4), 2000, pp. 475-481

Authors: Niikura, S Komatsu, K Uchibayashi, T Ise, T Yokoyama, H Kobayashi, K Matsui, O Nonomura, A Namiki, M
Citation: S. Niikura et al., Juxtaglomerular cell tumor of the kidney treated with nephron-sparing surgery, UROL INTERN, 65(3), 2000, pp. 160-162

Authors: Komatsu, K Shigemori, H Shiro, M Kobayashi, J
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Revised stereochemistry and biosynthesis of seragakinone A, TETRAHEDRON, 56(45), 2000, pp. 8841-8844

Authors: Fushimi, H Komatsu, K Namba, T Isobe, M
Citation: H. Fushimi et al., Genetic heterogeneity of ribosomal RNA gene and matK gene in Panax notoginseng, PLANTA MED, 66(7), 2000, pp. 659-661

Authors: Yokoyama, M Yamaguchi, S Inomata, S Komatsu, K Yoshida, S Iida, T Yokokawa, Y Yamaguchi, M Kaihara, S Takimoto, A
Citation: M. Yokoyama et al., Stress-induced factor involved in flower formation of Lemna is an alpha-ketol derivative of linolenic acid, PLANT CEL P, 41(1), 2000, pp. 110-113

Authors: Fukuda, T Komatsu, K
Citation: T. Fukuda et K. Komatsu, On a unit group generated by special values of Siegel modular functions, MATH COMPUT, 69(231), 2000, pp. 1207-1212

Authors: Yokoyama, O Komatsu, K Kodama, K Yotsuyanagi, S Nikura, S Namiki, M
Citation: O. Yokoyama et al., Diagnostic value of intravesical lidocaine for overactive bladder, J UROL, 164(2), 2000, pp. 340-343

Authors: Bauer, HF Komatsu, K
Citation: Hf. Bauer et K. Komatsu, Coupled frequencies of a frictionless liquid in a circular cylindrical tank with an elastic partial surface cover, J SOUND VIB, 230(5), 2000, pp. 1147-1163

Authors: Nakada, Y Yokoyama, O Komatsu, K Kodama, K Yotsuyanagi, S Niikura, S Nagasaka, Y Namiki, M
Citation: Y. Nakada et al., Effects of aniracetam on bladder overactivity in rats with cerebral infarction, J PHARM EXP, 293(3), 2000, pp. 921-928

Authors: Nishiyama, N Asakura, T Suzuki, K Komatsu, K Nemoto, K
Citation: N. Nishiyama et al., Bond strength of resin to acid-etched dentin studied by C-13 NMR: Interaction between N-methacryloyl-omega-amino acid primer and dentinal collagen, J DENT RES, 79(3), 2000, pp. 806-811

Authors: Sakata, Y Inomoto, Y Komatsu, K
Citation: Y. Sakata et al., Surface migration effect and lateral vapor-phase diffusion effect for InGaAsP/InP narrow-stripe selective metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxy, J CRYST GR, 208(1-4), 2000, pp. 130-136

Authors: Morishita, K Tamiya, Y Komatsu, K Koshino, T Abe, T
Citation: K. Morishita et al., Left internal thoracic artery harvesting in pleural symphyses under minimally invasive direct vision, J CARD SURG, 41(3), 2000, pp. 495-497

Authors: Komatsu, K
Citation: K. Komatsu, Co-narrating about children's experiences at preschool: Mothers' beliefs about and perceptions of their conversations with their children, JPN J EDU P, 48(4), 2000, pp. 481-490

Authors: Komatsu, K Hwang, KH Hosokawa, K
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Structural performance of glulam semi-rigid portal frames constructed by ahardwood wedge joint technique I. Lateral shear performance of portal frames subjected to static cyclic loading., MOKUZAI GAK, 46(6), 2000, pp. 573-580
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