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Authors: Komatsu, K Miyashita, T Hang, HY Hopkins, KM Zheng, W Cuddeback, S Yamada, M Lieberman, HB Wang, HG
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Human homologue of S-pombe Rad9 interacts with BCL-2/BCL-x(L) and promotesapoptosis, NAT CELL BI, 2(1), 2000, pp. 1-6

Authors: Kuwaki, K Komatsu, K Sohma, H Abe, T
Citation: K. Kuwaki et al., Improvement of ischaemia-reperfusion injury by lazaroid U74389G in rat lung transplantation model, SC CARDIOVA, 34(2), 2000, pp. 209-212

Authors: Tauchi, H Komatsu, K Ishizaki, K Yatagai, F Kato, T
Citation: H. Tauchi et al., Mutation spectrum of MSH3-deficient HHUA/chr.2 cells reflects in vivo activity of the MSH3 gene product in mismatch repair, MUT RES-F M, 447(2), 2000, pp. 155-164

Authors: Komatsu, K Fujiwara, K Murata, Y
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., The fullerene cross-dimer C-130: synthesis and properties, CHEM COMMUN, (17), 2000, pp. 1583-1584

Authors: Cho, HS Kim, SK Kim, D Fujiwara, K Komatsu, K
Citation: Hs. Cho et al., Ultrafast energy relaxation dynamics of C-120, a [2+2]-bridged C-60 dimer, J PHYS CH A, 104(43), 2000, pp. 9666-9669

Authors: Komatsu, K Andoh, A Ishiguro, S Suzuki, N Hunai, H Kobune-Fujiwara, Y Kameyama, M Miyoshi, J Akedo, H Nakamura, H
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Increased expression of S100A6 (calcyclin), a calcium-binding protein of the S100 family, in human colorectal adenocarcinomas, CLIN CANC R, 6(1), 2000, pp. 172-177

Authors: Tsukamoto, K Kurihara, T Nakayama, N Isogai, O Ito, S Komatsu, K Kanmatsuse, K
Citation: K. Tsukamoto et al., Pressor responses to serotonin injected into the nucleus tractus solitarius of Sprague-Dawley rats and spontaneously hypertensive rats, CLIN EXP HY, 22(1), 2000, pp. 63-73

Authors: Tewtrakul, S Hase, K Kadota, S Namba, T Komatsu, K Tanaka, K
Citation: S. Tewtrakul et al., Fruit oil composition of Piper chaba Hunt., P-longum L. and P-nigrum L., J ESSEN OIL, 12(5), 2000, pp. 603-608

Authors: Tohda, C Kuboyama, T Komatsu, K
Citation: C. Tohda et al., Dendrite extension by methanol extract of Ashwagandha (roots of Withania somnifera) in SK-N-SH cells, NEUROREPORT, 11(9), 2000, pp. 1981-1985

Authors: Ohnishi, T Komatsu, K Tauchi, H Wang, X Takahashi, A Ohnishi, K Shiba, A Matsumoto, H
Citation: T. Ohnishi et al., Brief Communication: Heat-induced accumulation of p53 and hsp72 is suppressed in lung fibroblasts from the SCID mouse, INT J RAD B, 76(5), 2000, pp. 711-715

Authors: Tohda, C Sugahara, H Kuraishi, Y Komatsu, K
Citation: C. Tohda et al., Inhibitory effect of Byakko-ka-ninjin-to on itch in a mouse model of atopic dermatitis, PHYTOTHER R, 14(3), 2000, pp. 192-194

Authors: Komatsu, K Wharton, W Hang, HY Wu, C Singh, S Lieberman, HB Pledger, WJ Wang, HG
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., PCNA interacts with hHus1/hRad9 in response to DNA damage and replication inhibition, ONCOGENE, 19(46), 2000, pp. 5291-5297

Authors: Komatsu, K Shimosegawa, T Uchi, M Maruhama, Y Toyota, T
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Erythropoietic protoporphyria with severe liver dysfunction and acute pancreatitis, J GASTRO, 35(5), 2000, pp. 391-395

Authors: Matsumoto, Y Komatsu, K Tabata, T
Citation: Y. Matsumoto et al., Jejuno-ileal atresia in identical twins: Report of a case, SURG TODAY, 30(5), 2000, pp. 438-440

Authors: Tanaka, T Koshino, T Itoh, M Komatsu, K Ichimiya, N Abe, T Kimura, N Ikeda, K
Citation: T. Tanaka et al., Total arch replacement with an aortic arch aneurysm due to chronic interstitial pneumonia: Report of a case, SURG TODAY, 30(4), 2000, pp. 390-393

Authors: Komatsu, K Suzuki, S Shimosegawa, T Miyazaki, J Toyota, T
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Cre-loxP-mediated bax gene activation reduces growth rate and increases sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents in human gastric cancer cells, CANC GENE T, 7(6), 2000, pp. 885-892

Authors: Tamura, R Komatsu, K Asao, T Takeuchi, S
Citation: R. Tamura et al., Electrical properties of approximant phases in Al-Pd-(Fe, Ru) systems, MAT SCI E A, 294, 2000, pp. 607-610

Authors: Egawa, M Fukushima, M Hasegawa, T Komatsu, K Namiki, M
Citation: M. Egawa et al., Intrarenal varix mimicking a cystic renal tumor, INT J UROL, 7(9), 2000, pp. 345-346

Authors: Tohda, C Kakihara, Y Komatsu, K Kuraishi, Y
Citation: C. Tohda et al., Inhibitory effects of methanol extracts of herbal medicines on substance P-induced itch-scratch response, BIOL PHAR B, 23(5), 2000, pp. 599-601

Authors: Komatsu, K Shimosegawa, T Kikuchi, S Uchi, M Maruhama, Y Kisara, N Ueno, Y Toyota, T
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., Paradoxical progression of biliary strictures against recovery of biochemical parameters under ursodeoxycholic acid treatment in a case of primary sclerosing cholangitis with ulcerative colitis, INTERN MED, 39(12), 2000, pp. 1049-1053

Authors: Yamazaki, H Furushima, Y Sakata, Y Okunuki, Y Sasaki, Y Komatsu, K
Citation: H. Yamazaki et al., Spot-sire-converter integrated laser diode with waveguide width abruptly expanded structure, IEICE TR EL, E83C(6), 2000, pp. 838-844

Authors: Okamura, H Miyazono, K Minoda, M Komatsu, K Fukuda, T Miyamoto, T
Citation: H. Okamura et al., Synthesis of highly water soluble C-60 end-capped vinyl ether oligomers with well-defined structure, J POL SC PC, 38(19), 2000, pp. 3578-3585

Authors: Yoshida, M Komatsu, K Onodera, S Kaino, T
Citation: M. Yoshida et al., Shape controlled crystal growth of organic nonlinear optical material DAST, NIP KAG KAI, (9), 2000, pp. 639-643

Authors: Komatsu, K Fujiwara, K Murata, Y
Citation: K. Komatsu et al., The mechanochemical synthesis and properties of the fullerene trimer C-180, CHEM LETT, (9), 2000, pp. 1016-1017

Authors: Kanie, S Yokoyama, O Komatsu, K Kodama, K Yotsuyanagi, S Niikura, S Nagasaka, Y Miyamoto, KI Namiki, M
Citation: S. Kanie et al., GABAergic contribution to rat bladder hyperactivity after middle cerebral artery occlusion, AM J P-REG, 279(4), 2000, pp. R1230-R1238
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