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Authors: Iwasaki, H Chigira, T Naito, T Moriyama, S Iwasa, Y Nishizaki, T Kobayashi, N
Citation: H. Iwasaki et al., Observation of the vortex lattice phase transition in the specific heat inLa1.86Sr0.14CuO4 single crystal, PHYSICA C, 366(2), 2002, pp. 129-134

Authors: Kobayashi, N Tsuchiya, T Kikuno, T
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., A new method for constructing pair-wise covering designs for software testing, INF PROCESS, 81(2), 2002, pp. 85-91

Authors: Hoshi, Y Kobayashi, N Tamura, M
Citation: Y. Hoshi et al., Interpretation of near-infrared spectroscopy signals: a study with a newlydeveloped perfused rat brain model, J APP PHYSL, 90(5), 2001, pp. 1657-1662

Authors: Kasu, M Taniyasu, Y Kobayashi, N
Citation: M. Kasu et al., Formation of solid solution of Al1-xSixN (0 < x <= 12%) ternary alloy, JPN J A P 2, 40(10A), 2001, pp. L1048-L1050

Authors: Kobayashi, N Johnson, BD
Citation: N. Kobayashi et Bd. Johnson, Sand suspension, storage, advection, and settling in surf and swash zones, J GEO RES-O, 106(C5), 2001, pp. 9363-9376

Authors: Kobayashi, N Fukuda, N Kim, Y
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., Photoelectrochromism and photohydrolysis of sulfonated polyaniline containing Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) film for negative and positive image formation, J ELEC CHEM, 498(1-2), 2001, pp. 216-222

Authors: Oka, H Emori, Y Kobayashi, N Hayashi, Y Nomoto, K
Citation: H. Oka et al., Suppression of allergic reactions by royal jelly in association with the restoration of macrophage function and the improvement of Th1/Th2 cell responses, INT IMMUNO, 1(3), 2001, pp. 521-532

Authors: Igarashi, A Kobayashi, N
Citation: A. Igarashi et N. Kobayashi, A generic type system far the pi-calculus, ACM SIGPL N, 36(3), 2001, pp. 128-141

Authors: Ishii, K Ishizaki, T Kobayashi, N
Citation: K. Ishii et al., Conditions for forming excited multiplet states: magnetic interactions between excited triplet (phthalocyaninato)zinc and doublet nitroxide radical, J CHEM S DA, (21), 2001, pp. 3227-3231

Authors: Nemykin, VN Kobayashi, N Chernii, VY Belsky, VK
Citation: Vn. Nemykin et al., Mossbauer, crystallographic, and density functional theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of bis-ligated low-spin iron(II) phthalocyanines, EUR J INORG, (3), 2001, pp. 733-743

Authors: Kobayashi, N Nonomura, T Nakai, K
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., A seven-membered carbon-ring-fused phthalocyanine analogue in which the pisystem changes during dehydrogenation/hydrogenation cycles, ANGEW CHEM, 40(7), 2001, pp. 1300

Authors: Takei, F Hayashi, H Onitsuka, K Kobayashi, N Takahashi, S
Citation: F. Takei et al., Helical chiral polyisocyanides possessing porphyrin pendants: Determination of helicity by exciton-coupled circular dichroism, ANGEW CHEM, 40(21), 2001, pp. 4092

Authors: Kobayashi, N Inagaki, S Nemykin, VN Nonomura, T
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., A novel hemiporphyrazine comprising three isoindolediimine and three thiadiazole units, ANGEW CHEM, 40(14), 2001, pp. 2710-2712

Authors: Fynbo, JU Gorosabel, J Dall, TH Hjorth, J Pedersen, H Andersen, MI Moller, P Holland, S Smail, I Kobayashi, N Rol, E Vreeswijk, P Burud, I Jensen, BL Thomsen, B Henden, A Vrba, F Canzian, B Ceron, JMC Castro-Tirado, AJ Cline, T Goto, M Greiner, J Hanski, MT Hurley, K Lund, N Pursimo, T Ostensen, R Solheim, J Tanvir, N Terada, H
Citation: Ju. Fynbo et al., The optical afterglow and host galaxy of GRB 000926, ASTRON ASTR, 373(3), 2001, pp. 796-804

Authors: Nemykin, VN Kobayashi, N
Citation: Vn. Nemykin et N. Kobayashi, A tetraazaporphyrin with an intense, broad near-IR band, CHEM COMMUN, (2), 2001, pp. 165-166

Authors: Kobayashi, N Westerman, KA Tanaka, N Fox, IJ Leboulch, P
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., A reversibly immortalized human hepatocyte cell line as a source of hepatocyte-based biological support, ADDICT BIOL, 6(4), 2001, pp. 293-300

Authors: Nishioka, T Ikegita, H Tamai, K Kobayashi, N
Citation: T. Nishioka et al., An incremental variational principle minimizing experimental measurement errors and its application to an intelligent hybrid experimental-numerical method - (Case of nonlinear elastic-plastic deformation field), JSME A, 44(1), 2001, pp. 71-81

Authors: Okui, N Kitamura, Y Kobayashi, N Sakuma, R Ishikawa, T Kitamura, T
Citation: N. Okui et al., Virion-targeted viral inactivation: New therapy against viral infection, MOL UROL, 5(2), 2001, pp. 59-66

Authors: Ishii, K Takeuchi, S Kobayashi, N
Citation: K. Ishii et al., Relationship between electron spin polarization, electron exchange interaction, and lifetime: The excited multiplet states of phthalocyaninatosiliconcovalently linked to one nitroxide radical, J PHYS CH A, 105(28), 2001, pp. 6794-6799

Authors: Kobayashi, N Konami, H
Citation: N. Kobayashi et H. Konami, Molecular orbitals and electronic spectra of benzo-fused and related porphyrin analogues, J PORPHYR P, 5(3), 2001, pp. 233-255

Authors: Kobayashi, N
Citation: N. Kobayashi, Special issue: Theoretical interpretation of spectroscopic data of phthalocyanines - Preface, J PORPHYR P, 5(1), 2001, pp. 2-2

Authors: Wakoh, M Nishikawa, K Kobayashi, N Farman, AG Kuroyanagi, K
Citation: M. Wakoh et al., Sensitometric properties of Agfa Dentus OrthoLux, Agfa Dentus ST8G, and Kodak Ektavision panoramic radiographic film, ORAL SURG O, 91(2), 2001, pp. 244-251

Authors: Kimura, Y Kobayashi, N Hayakawa, R
Citation: Y. Kimura et al., Electro-optic response of a ferroelectric liquid crystal in thick free-standing films - art. no. 011705, PHYS REV E, 6401(1), 2001, pp. 1705

Authors: Kobayashi, N Miyazaki, M Westerman, KA Noguchi, H Sakaguchi, M Totsugawa, T Watanabe, T Matsumura, T Fujiwara, T Leboulch, P Tanaka, N Namba, M
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., Construction of a differentiated human hepatocyte cell line expressing theherpes simplex virus-thymidine kinase gene, ASAIO J, 47(5), 2001, pp. 476-480

Authors: Kobayashi, N Westerman, KA Taguchi, T Sakaguchi, M Fujiwara, T Urata, H Kishimoto, N Hayashi, N Nakaji, S Murakami, T Leboulch, P Tanaka, N
Citation: N. Kobayashi et al., Expansion of human hepatocyte populations by a retroviral gene transfer ofsimian virus 40 large T antigen, ASAIO J, 47(5), 2001, pp. 481-485
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