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Authors: Bannon, GA Cockrell, G Connaughton, C West, CM Helm, R Stanley, JS King, N Rabjohn, P Sampson, HA Burks, AW
Citation: Ga. Bannon et al., Engineering, characterization and in vitro efficacy of the major peanut allergens for use in immunotherapy, INT A AL IM, 124(1-3), 2001, pp. 70-72

Authors: King, N Suleiman, MS
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Authors: Binkley, K King, N Poonai, N Seeman, P Ulpian, C Kennedy, J
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Authors: King, N Foster, J
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Authors: Ren, B Sun, J Hu, C Cong, L Zhang, L King, N Verran, D Sheil, AGR
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Authors: Stubbs, RJ Hughes, DA Johnstone, AM Rowley, E Ferris, S Elia, M Stratton, R King, N Blundell, JE
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Authors: King, N Williams, H McGivan, JD Suleiman, MS
Citation: N. King et al., Characteristics of L-aspartate transport and expression of EAAC-1 in sarcolemmal vesicles and isolated cells from rat heart, CARDIO RES, 52(1), 2001, pp. 84-94

Authors: Barr, CL Xu, C Kroft, J Feng, Y Wigg, K Zai, G Tannock, R Schachar, R Malone, M Roberts, W Nothen, MM Grunhage, F Vandenbergh, DJ Uhl, G Sunohara, G King, N Kennedy, JL
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Authors: Kunzelmann, K Beesley, A King, N Karupiah, G Young, J Cook, D
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Authors: King, N Touyz, S Charles, M
Citation: N. King et al., The effect of body dissatisfaction on women's perceptions of female celebrities, INT J EAT D, 27(3), 2000, pp. 341-347

Authors: King, N Tonge, BJ Heyne, D Ollendick, TH
Citation: N. King et al., Research on the cognitive-behavioral treatment of school refusal: A reviewand recommendations, CLIN PSYCH, 20(4), 2000, pp. 495-507

Authors: Moore, S Parsons, J Buzwell, S Fan, C Garton, A Gullone, E Hillier, L King, N McCabe, M McCallum, D Wyn, J Allen, L Arnett, J Bimbi, D Borkowski, T Cecil, H Cotter, K Frost-Weston, M Halkitis, P Hays, J Huszti, H Koniak-Griffin, D Krauss, B Power, T Redding, C Schultz, J Siegel, A Tamis-LeMonda, C Wall, J
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Authors: Calvert, GA Brammer, MJ Morris, RG Williams, SCR King, N Matthews, PM
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Authors: King, N
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Authors: Yin, JL Chaufour, X McLachlan, C McGuire, M White, G King, N Hambly, B
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Authors: Stubbs, RJ Hughes, DA Johnstone, AM Rowley, E Reid, C Elia, M Stratton, R Delargy, H King, N Blundell, JE
Citation: Rj. Stubbs et al., The use of visual analogue scales to assess motivation to eat in human subjects: a review of their reliability and validity with an evaluation of newhand-held computerized systems for temporal tracking of appetite ratings, BR J NUTR, 84(4), 2000, pp. 405-415

Authors: Rice, R Majchrazak, A King, N Ba, SL Malhotra, A
Citation: R. Rice et al., Computer mediated interorganizational knowledge sharing: Insights from a virtual team innovating using a collaborative tool, KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND VIRTUAL ORGANIZATIONS, 2000, pp. 84-100

Authors: Kennedy, JL Bradwejn, J Koszycki, D King, N Crowe, R Vincent, J Fourie, O
Citation: Jl. Kennedy et al., Investigation of cholecystokinin system genes in panic disorder, MOL PSYCHI, 4(3), 1999, pp. 284-285

Authors: Dutta, S Mehra, V Zhu, WW Singh, D Janssens, M Vengalasetti, R Ben-Nun, B Pothana, P Adusumilli, V King, N Huang, JYH Ling, L Nelson, C Bannur, J Wu, S
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Authors: Burks, AW King, N Bannon, GA
Citation: Aw. Burks et al., Modification of a major peanut allergen leads to loss of IgE binding, INT A AL IM, 118(2-4), 1999, pp. 313-314

Authors: Tyystjarvi, E King, N Hakala, M Aro, EM
Citation: E. Tyystjarvi et al., Artificial quenchers of chlorophyll fluorescence do not protect against photoinhibition, J PHOTOCH B, 48(2-3), 1999, pp. 142-147

Authors: King, N Dreesen, O Stragier, P Pogliano, K Losick, R
Citation: N. King et al., Septation, dephosphorylation, and the activation of sigma(F) during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis, GENE DEV, 13(9), 1999, pp. 1156-1167

Authors: Naslund, E Barkeling, B King, N Gutniak, M Blundell, JE Holst, JJ Rossner, S Hellstrom, PM
Citation: E. Naslund et al., Energy intake and appetite are suppressed by glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) in obese men., INT J OBES, 23(3), 1999, pp. 304-311

Authors: Sexton, D King, N Aldridge, J Goodstadt-Killoran, I
Citation: D. Sexton et al., Measuring and evaluating early childhood prospective practitioners' attitudes toward computers, FAM RELAT, 48(3), 1999, pp. 277-285
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