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Authors: Kimura, T Wakaya, F Gamo, K
Citation: T. Kimura et al., Galvanomagnetic effect and magnetization process in CoO/Co/NiFe film with antidot array, JPN J A P 1, 40(7), 2001, pp. 4524-4527

Authors: Yamato, M Aoki, H Kimura, T Yamamoto, I Ishikawa, F Yamaguchi, M Tobita, M
Citation: M. Yamato et al., Determination of anisotropic diamagnetic susceptibility of polymeric fibers suspended in liquid, JPN J A P 1, 40(4A), 2001, pp. 2237-2240

Authors: Kimura, T Mozumi, G Wakaya, F Gamo, K
Citation: T. Kimura et al., Effects of shape anisotropy in CoO/Co/Cu/NiFe/Cu/Co wires, JPN J A P 1, 40(4A), 2001, pp. 2241-2244

Authors: Kimura, T Wakaya, F Gamo, K
Citation: T. Kimura et al., Magnetization processes in narrow and wide cross-shaped Co/Cu/NiFe wires, JPN J A P 1, 40(3A), 2001, pp. 1246-1249

Authors: Kimura, T Wakaya, F Gamo, K
Citation: T. Kimura et al., Effects of stray fields in flat-end and pointed-end NiFe/Cu/NiFe/NiO wires, JPN J A P 1, 40(11), 2001, pp. 6357-6359

Authors: Sekiguchi, S Kimura, T Okazaki, G Miyamoto, T Koyama, F Iga, K
Citation: S. Sekiguchi et al., Tunnel junction for long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, JPN J A P 1, 40(10), 2001, pp. 5909-5913

Authors: Kaga, K Kimura, T Imaeda, T Ohe, K
Citation: K. Kaga et al., Spatial structure of electronegative Ar/CF4 plasmas in capacitive RF discharges, JPN J A P 1, 40(10), 2001, pp. 6115-6116

Authors: Kaga, K Kimura, T Ohe, K
Citation: K. Kaga et al., Spatial profile measurements of charged particles in capacitively-coupled RF (13.56 MHz) oxygen discharges, JPN J A P 1, 40(1), 2001, pp. 330-331

Authors: Fukuda, T Sumaru, K Kimura, T Matsuda, H Narita, Y Inoue, T Sato, F
Citation: T. Fukuda et al., Observation of optical near-field as photo-induced surface relief formation, JPN J A P 2, 40(8B), 2001, pp. L900-L902

Authors: Hasegawa, M Mishima, M Matsumoto, I Sasaki, T Kimura, T Baba, Y Senami, K Kanemura, K Takano, O Shibata, T
Citation: M. Hasegawa et al., Confirming the theoretical structure of the Japanese version of the McGillPain Questionnaire in chronic pain, PAIN MED, 2(1), 2001, pp. 52-59

Authors: Kawai, T Iijima, R Yamamoto, Y Kimura, T
Citation: T. Kawai et al., Crystal orientation of N,N '-dicyclohexyl-2,6-naphthalenedicarboxamide in high magnetic field, J PHYS CH B, 105(34), 2001, pp. 8077-8080

Authors: Wada, A Ogushi, K Kimura, T Hojo, H Mori, N Suzuki, S Kumatori, A Se, M Nakahara, Y Nakamura, M Moss, J Hirayama, T
Citation: A. Wada et al., Helicobacter pylori-mediated transcriptional regulation of the human beta-defensin 2 gene requires NF-kappa B, CELL MICROB, 3(2), 2001, pp. 115-123

Authors: Subramanian, R Ichikawa, S Nakajima, M Kimura, T Maekawa, T
Citation: R. Subramanian et al., Characterization of phospholipid reverse micelles in relation to membrane processing of vegetable oils, EUR J LIPID, 103(2), 2001, pp. 93-97

Authors: Kimura, T Carlson, DA Mori, K
Citation: T. Kimura et al., Synthesis of all the stereoisomers of 13,17-dimethyl-1-tritriacontene and 13,17-dimethyl-1-pentatriacontene, the contact sex pheromone components of the female tsetse fly, Glossina austeni, EUR J ORG C, (17), 2001, pp. 3385-3390

Authors: Hasegawa, T Nara, K Kimura, T Soh, H Sasaki, T Azuma, T Okada, A
Citation: T. Hasegawa et al., Oral administration of tacrolimus in the presence of jejunostomy after liver transplantation, PEDIAT TRAN, 5(3), 2001, pp. 204-209

Authors: Evvyernie, D Morimoto, K Karita, S Kimura, T Sakka, K Ohmiya, K
Citation: D. Evvyernie et al., Conversion of chitinous wastes to hydrogen gas by Clostridium paraputrificum M-21, J BIOSCI BI, 91(4), 2001, pp. 339-343

Authors: Kimura, T Ito, Y
Citation: T. Kimura et Y. Ito, Two bacterial mixed culture systems suitable for degrading terephthalate in wastewater, J BIOSCI BI, 91(4), 2001, pp. 416-418

Authors: Tsukahara, K Kimura, T Minowa, T Sawayama, S Yagishita, T Inoue, S Hanaoka, T Usui, Y
Citation: K. Tsukahara et al., Microalgal cultivation in a solution recovered from the low-temperature catalytic gasification of the microalga, J BIOSCI BI, 91(3), 2001, pp. 311-313

Authors: Fujisawa, M Kimura, T Takagi, S
Citation: M. Fujisawa et al., Thermodynamic functions of molecular inclusion of some isomers of butanediol in gas phase into alpha- and beta-cyclodextrin cavities in aqueous solutions at 298.15 k, J THERM ANA, 64(1), 2001, pp. 149-155

Authors: Kimura, T Matsushita, T Ueda, K Tamura, K Takagi, S
Citation: T. Kimura et al., Deuterium isotope effect on excess enthalpies of methanol or ethanol and their deuterium derivatives at 298.15 k, J THERM ANA, 64(1), 2001, pp. 231-241

Authors: Tozaki, K Masuda, R Matsuda, S Tokitomo, C Hayashi, H Inaba, H Yoshimura, Y Kimura, T
Citation: K. Tozaki et al., Simultaneous observation of hyperfine multistage transitions of BaTiO3 with thermal analysis and thermal expansion, J THERM ANA, 64(1), 2001, pp. 331-339

Authors: Tanosaki, M Hashimoto, I Iguchi, Y Kimura, T Takino, R Kurobe, Y Haruta, Y
Citation: M. Tanosaki et al., Specific somatosensory processing in somatosensory area 3b for human thumb: a neuromagnetic study, CLIN NEU, 112(8), 2001, pp. 1516-1522

Authors: Mahmood, S Nakata, K Sho, M Kimura, T Manabe, Y Kinoyama, S Ito, T Yamada, G
Citation: S. Mahmood et al., Clinical usefulness of the branched DNA assay version 2 in predicting the efficacy of Interferon treatment in a group of chronic HCV patients based on serotype, HEPATOL RES, 20(1), 2001, pp. 9-17

Authors: Yamamoto, T Tanida, T Ueta, E Kimura, T Doi, S Osaki, T
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Pulmonary infiltration with eosinophilia (PIE) syndrome induced by antibiotics, PIPC and TFLX during cancer treatment, ORAL ONCOL, 37(5), 2001, pp. 471-475

Authors: Mizu, M Kimura, T Koumoto, K Sakurai, K Shinkai, S
Citation: M. Mizu et al., Thermally induced conformational-transition of polydeoxyadenosine in the complex with schizophyllan and the base-length dependence of its stability, CHEM COMMUN, (5), 2001, pp. 429-430
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