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Authors: Kim, JS Yu, PW Leem, JY Lee, JI Noh, SK Kim, JS Kim, GH Kang, SK Ban, SI Kim, SG Jang, YD Lee, UH Yim, JS Lee, D
Citation: Js. Kim et al., Growth of Si-doped InAs quantum dots and annealing effects on size distribution, J CRYST GR, 234(1), 2002, pp. 105-109

Authors: Park, JG Kim, SG Lee, GS Shim, TH
Citation: Jg. Park et al., Nature of surface and bulk defect induced by low dose oxygen implantation in separation by implanted oxygen wafers, JPN J A P 1, 40(4A), 2001, pp. 2178-2185

Authors: Palma, EC Vijayaraman, P Ferrick, KJ Gross, JN Kim, SG Fisher, JD
Citation: Ec. Palma et al., Case report: Is this SVT or VT? An exception to the rule, J INTERV C, 5(1), 2001, pp. 67-70

Authors: Kim, JH Kim, SG Inoue, A
Citation: Jh. Kim et al., In situ observation of solidification behavior in undercooled Pd-Cu-Ni-P alloy by using a confocal scanning laser microscope, ACT MATER, 49(4), 2001, pp. 615-622

Authors: Kim, SG Yi, BK Pickholtz, RL
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Coded performance of dual-rate decorrelators combined with an array of antennas for synchronous multiuser DS/CDMA systems, J COMMUN N, 3(3), 2001, pp. 219-227

Authors: Kim, SG Kim, MS Ro, ST Youn, B
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Flow and pressure drop characteristics of r22 in adiabatic capillary tubes, KSME INT J, 15(9), 2001, pp. 1328-1338

Authors: Kim, SG Jang, HS
Citation: Sg. Kim et Hs. Jang, Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis in Korea, ORAL SURG O, 92(4), 2001, pp. 394-398

Authors: Kim, SG Jang, HS Ju, K
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Ameloblastoma: A clinical, radiographic, and histopathologic analysis of 71 cases, ORAL SURG O, 91(6), 2001, pp. 649-653

Authors: Choung, PH Kim, SG
Citation: Ph. Choung et Sg. Kim, The coronoid process for paranasal augmentation in the correction of midfacial concavity, ORAL SURG O, 91(1), 2001, pp. 28-33

Authors: Kim, WT Kim, SG Lee, JS Suzuki, T
Citation: Wt. Kim et al., Equilibrium at stationary solid-liquid interface during phase-field modeling of alloy solidification, MET MAT T A, 32(4), 2001, pp. 961-969

Authors: Dassonville, P Lewis, SM Zhu, XH Ugurbil, K Kim, SG Ashe, J
Citation: P. Dassonville et al., The effect of stimulus-response compatibility on cortical motor activation, NEUROIMAGE, 13(1), 2001, pp. 1-14

Authors: Chidester, D Kim, SG Krakau, K Thangaraj, MT
Citation: D. Chidester et al., American religious people as "other" - A cross-disciplinary study of religion and American culture, RELIG AM C, 11(1), 2001, pp. 1-30

Authors: Bonev, IA Ryu, J Kim, SG Lee, SK
Citation: Ia. Bonev et al., A closed-form solution to the direct kinematics of nearly general parallelmanipulators with optimally located three linear extra sensors, IEEE ROBOT, 17(2), 2001, pp. 148-156

Authors: Kim, SG Choi, HJ Jhon, MS
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Preparation and characterization of phosphate cellulose-based electrorheological fluids, MACRO CH P, 202(4), 2001, pp. 521-526

Authors: Choi, HJ Kim, SG Hyun, YH Jhon, MS
Citation: Hj. Choi et al., Preparation and rheological characteristics of solvent-cast poly(ethylene oxide)/montmorillonite nanocomposites, MACRO RAPID, 22(5), 2001, pp. 320-325

Authors: Kim, SG Kim, HK Lim, SC
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Combined implantation of particulate dentine, plaster of Paris, and a bonexenograft (Bio-Oss (R)) for bone regeneration in rats, J CRAN MAX, 29(5), 2001, pp. 282-288

Authors: Kim, SG Kim, SN Jong, HS Kim, NK Hong, SH Kim, SJ Bang, YJ
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Caspase-mediated Cdk2 activation is a critical step to execute transforming growth factor-beta 1-induced apoptosis in human gastric cancer cells, ONCOGENE, 20(10), 2001, pp. 1254-1265

Authors: Kim, WT Kim, SG
Citation: Wt. Kim et Sg. Kim, Solute trapping in Cahn-Hilliard diffusion equation, MAT SCI E A, 304, 2001, pp. 220-224

Authors: Kim, SG Kim, WT
Citation: Sg. Kim et Wt. Kim, Phase-field modeling of rapid solidification, MAT SCI E A, 304, 2001, pp. 281-286

Authors: Kim, SG Hwang, W Kim, Y Lee, Y Choi, S Kim, K
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Fully digital preambleless 40 Mbps QPSK receiver for burst transmission, IEICE TR EL, E84C(2), 2001, pp. 175-182

Authors: Ode, M Kim, SG Kim, WT Suzuki, T
Citation: M. Ode et al., Numerical prediction of the secondary dendrite arm spacing using a phase-field model, ISIJ INT, 41(4), 2001, pp. 345-349

Authors: Ode, M Kim, SG Suzuki, T
Citation: M. Ode et al., Recent advances in the phase-field model for solidification, ISIJ INT, 41(10), 2001, pp. 1076-1082

Authors: Kang, KW Ha, JR Kim, CW Kim, ND Kim, SG
Citation: Kw. Kang et al., 2-(allylthio)pyrazine, a cancer chemopreventive agent, inhibits liver fibrosis induced by dimethylnitrosamine in rats: Role of inhibition of transforming growth factor-beta 1 expression, PHARM TOX, 89(1), 2001, pp. 23-29

Authors: Kim, SG Kim, YU Park, JC Oh, YK
Citation: Sg. Kim et al., Effects of presurgical and post-surgical irradiation on the healing process of Medpor (R) in dogs, INT J OR M, 30(5), 2001, pp. 438-442

Authors: Georgopoulos, AP Whang, K Georgopoulos, MA Tagaris, GA Amirikian, B Richter, W Kim, SG Ugurbil, K
Citation: Ap. Georgopoulos et al., Functional magnetic resonance imaging of visual object construction and shape discrimination: Relations among task, hemispheric lateralization, and gender, J COGN NEUR, 13(1), 2001, pp. 72-89
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